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  • Spare parts?

    During a recent break in of my home three of my models had their nose gear snapped off. Does anyone know where I might get replacements for them without having to buy new models? One of the models affected is very rare, and to me is priceless and know I'll never get the part for it because of it's rarity. I've no intention of cannibalising other models in my collection. Any ideas will be welcome. Thanks

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    It would help to know what models got damaged, this would guide the members to what exactly you’re looking for.


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      Dear N294UP, Many thanks for getting in touch. It would have been of help if I'd given those details in the first place. The models I'm having trouble with are Gemini Jets B 747 SP,Phoenix B 747-8i. and Dragon wings A, 330-300 all in the scale 1/400. If you've any ideas about this problem, I'd welcome them. Kind regards, Geoff


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        The Boeing 747 SP is the one in the photo.


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          You can order spare parts from GeminiJets at They may be able to get you Phoenix parts as well. It's hard to get the gear out of these models though so this is not an easy fix. You can get spare parts for Dragon Wings at These are usually easier to remove and replace.
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