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  • Phoenix 200 manufacturer

    Anyone know if it's possible to contact the manufacturer themselves about a specific model? I have an issue with the one I just bought and sadly it was the only one at the store since it's a limited edition

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    Manufactures like Phoenix are based internationally. So it's pretty hard to get in contact with them for any defects (I had a Phoenix model issue that resembles yours, where the retailer only had one and the one model was damaged). You can see if the reseller has any number or way to contact them, as getting the retailer involved can sometimes get the issue resolved, but that depends on the retailers willingness to assist you with the issue.

    Aside from that you can go online and depending on what was damaged many sellers offer generic replacement parts (like landing gears or wings) but that's been my experience, sellers like Geminijets since they are U.S. based offer a much better parts and assistance but sometimes at a premium. But sellers Dragon and Pheonix are hit and miss when it comes to standing behind their products when things go wrong...

    Hope this helps.


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