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Courtline tristar colours

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  • Courtline tristar colours

    The jet x courtline tristars seem to draw a fair bit of criticism for both the shape of the mould and the colours used. After looking at photos of both, the pink version dosent look that bad in imho while the yellow version maybe looks a little too 'pastel'. I have just bought the gemini model (it was cheap) and feel the yellow is far too vivid. Should the yellow be somewhere between the two? I have managed to improve the general appearance of the model by repainting the top surfaces of the wings and horizontal stabilisers but that seam on the tail still catches my eye every time I look at it.

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    I'm not sure about the colour but that's an awesome job repainting the wings mate. You are right though the Blue Box Tristar (which Jet-X used later on) isn't great at all.


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      I wasn't sure about the colour of the wings because of the lack of photographs of the real thing, maybe they should be off white like the one elevens with the control surfaces in silver? Anyway light grey is certainly better than orange!. If I could get hold of decals I would do the Violet and the yellow one elevens. The painting bit is no problem to me as I've been doing it for a very long time


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