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HM Fast Jets and a Token Prop

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  • For Sale HM Fast Jets and a Token Prop

    Hi guys,

    I'm new to this particular forum as I never even knew it existed but post quite frequently on others so I'm not a mentallist......ish

    I'm having a re-arrange of the collection and have a few bits and pieces in the pipeline so making some room.

    I will not be able to send these until the new year as I am not in the UK at present, so I want no cash now (Gives you a chance to save : ))

    I will quite happily do all the behind the scenes stuff now though and will consider things "sold" if we reach an end and I'll hold them for you. Following on from that, please don't ask for a shipping quote abroad coz its gonna be a little difficult!!
    If you know what the weight is roughly gonna be then you can have a stab at finding your best shipping quote. I will PM my post code if anyone wants it. I will then sort actual costs when i get home.

    I will take offers on the following, everything is in A1 condition and in quite afew cases NIB, don't be scared we gotta start somewhere : ) cheers guys.

    HA2905 Douglas AD-4, VA-195, Dambusters, BuNo 123827, 1950s

    HA1402 McDonnell Douglas A-4B, VA-106, The Gladiators

    HA1403 McDonnell Douglas A-4E, John McCain, VA-163, Saints

    HA1408 Douglas A-4F, VA-164, Ghost Riders, "Lady Jessie", USS Hancock

    HA1413 McDonnell Douglas A-4E, VA-192, USS Ticonderoga, April 1967, LCDR Michael J. Estocin "MOH"

    HA1416 Douglas A-4D-2 (A-4B), VA-15, USS Intrepid, 1967

    HA1420 Douglas A-4E, VMA-121, Green Knights, MCAS, Chu Lai, Vietnam 1960s

    HA1911 McDonnell Douglas F-4J, VMFA-333, Shamrocks, USS America (CVA-66), Sept 11,1972 (Plane Crazy Code 3)

    HA1962 McDonnell Douglas F-4B, VF-531, USS Forrestal, Cross Ops on Ark Royal

    HA1963 McDonnell Douglas F-4B, VF-51, Screaming Eagles, CAG Bird, CVW-15, USS Coral Sea,

    HA1965 McDonnell Douglas F-4N, VF-161, Chargers, CAG Bird, CVW-5, USS Midway 1977

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