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New GeminiJets Display Models - Emirates A380

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  • New GeminiJets Display Models - Emirates A380

    Emirates A380 A6-EUF (1:100)
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    It's a shame 1:100 scale isn't more popular with collectors, while the size of the models is a little intimidating, models of this size would be great to provide further details...

    A thing I missed Gemini250's is the retractable landing gear feature which I wish was incorporated in larger models like 1:100 scales. I know these releases are once in a blue moon but GJ should really release at least 2-3 models but maybe if they do a limited run they could push out more of these giants.

    This one is definitely a scale I would love to collect, but it seems like the options and selections for airlines aren't there as Emirates A380's are just everywhere nowadays.

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