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    I had some ideas for the want list feature of the database:

    1. preference to only email items above a certain priority. For example I don't need to be notified if my 1 or 2 priority items are in stock or on ebay, they are just sort of a vague future want when I have infinite money
    2. ability to search the wanted list (with all the same fields as the advanced search page) hopefully that can be genericized so that searching any table of results (like searching my collection list)
    3. it's possible to accidentally click the "want it" twice, and get duplicate entries. I'd suggest if it's already flagged as wanted clicking on the want it but should offer to delete it or move to collection or cancel
    4. have a column that shows if you already have it (I sometimes forget to remove an entry from my want list when I acquire it)

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    All of these will go on our wishlist for improvements

    1 - noted, this should be fairly easy to implement
    2 - bigger coding for this, not out of the question, but will take time

    No plan to fix/change
    3 - by design, and was a request from users in the past because some people want or collect more than one

    4 what screen are you referring to?


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      Editing a comment
      re 3. how about in the pop up window after you click "want it", it says "delete this want, edit this want, add another want"

      re: 4. on the list of wanted models, it'd be handy to see that I already have this model and forgot to remove it from the want list

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    I might add that the Want List e-mail we get is very useful, but it would be even more useful if it contains the registration and manufacturers 'code' along in the e-mail.

    For example - notice that Aeroclassics released two 5H-MRK. If both should turn up on the want list E-MAIL at the same time, then how is one to know which one might be considered higher priority than the other?


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      I put all these suggestions and others together in a separate thread, please vote/comment:


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