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Deletions from collection not working properly

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  • Deletions from collection not working properly

    It seems something has changed with the caching mechanism on the site such that deletions from a collection are not showing up properly. I deleted a model with the usual actions and got no errors, but where previously the page would refresh and the model would no longer be in the collection list, it still shows up. If you navigate to a different page of your collection, the count decreases on that page, but it remains the same on whichever original page you were on, and the deleted model still shows up. Clearing cache on the browser doesn't seem to change anything. This was happening on Chrome, so I opened Safari and in that browser, the model was gone. However, I was able to then duplicate the same behavior in Safari with another deletion, and that deleted model is also still showing in Chrome. So this does not appear to be a browser issue but rather something on the site itself. Anyone else seeing this behavior?

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    I've seen similar problems with adding models as they don't appear on my list.
    Also adding information such as rate and date does not work properly at the moment.


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      Yes, having all the same issues as above as well. Toolbar function at the top of the screen also disappears when in Collect section, never used to do that.


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        Yes I am the forth to experience the same, both the number of models shown and the itemised models aren't updated. Also it can't add up to 3 models of the same one. But 2 pieces are the maximum if you put up for sale and 3 pieces I put up for self-collection too. Please help to fix the bugs with lots of thanks!


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