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    The airline is listed as Air Berlin USA, but the model is still from the time N7509A was flying for American Airlines. So, airline should be changed to American Airlines: https://database.diecastmodelaircraft.com/model/87976


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      Thanks for having added this model.

      Herpa 1:500 Republic of Singapore Air Force A330-203 MRTT 537645 Diecast Airplane | DiecastModelAircraft.com

      There is 2 little typos in here though. Herpas Model Ref is 536745, while you typed 537645. Plane Reg is 761 and not 961.

      Thanks for correcting it once time permits.


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        Can you pls ****f this model to Lufthansa City Line rather than Eurowings.

        Herpa 1:500 Eurowings CRJ900LR 535045 Diecast Airplane | DiecastModelAircraft.com

        According to Airfleets, it is with LHC since 2016, so definetely with the new livery it has no connections to EW anymore. It is a bit misleading when searching under Lufthansa or sub brands and you fail to find it that way...
        Thank you.


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          Aeroclassics 1:500 Lufthansa DC-10-30 A5DADSO Diecast Airplane | DiecastModelAircraft.com

          Can you pls update this model in respect of livery if you feel change is important enough ?

          t is not really interim colours, it was actually only leased from subisidary Condor from 1988/1989.
          It co-incidentally crossed with changing from 1970ies livery to the 1988 livery, but had no real connection to it.


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            Entry for LAN Airlines A318-100 CC-CZR 48006 1:400 lists V2500 engines, but those are PW6122A engines; A318s never flew with V2500s. https://database.diecastmodelaircraft.com/model/86054


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              Items# 3923, 3925, and 3926 should be B747-2J6BM (or -2J6BSCD), instead of freighters.

              I also question the existence of item# 3532, a Pam Am B747-121 registered as N747PA made by Dragon Wings. The pictures of this item show a registration N733PA, not N747PA. In addition, I personally have been looking for this model for nearly ten years, without finding any listed trade on DiMA, eBay, Yahoo, or Taobao (in China). So now I suspect that Dragon Wings might have never been really produced N747PA. Perhaps it is a custom model by jumbo fans, or it has only lived on the production plan of Dragon Wings but eventually never released to public.


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                https://database.diecastmodelaircraft.com/model/87553 - Type should be A321neo not A321-200
                Click image for larger version  Name:	image.png Views:	0 Size:	60.0 KB ID:	73714

                https://database.diecastmodelaircraf...part=GJUAL1803 - Duplicate entries for GJUAL1803
                Click image for larger version

Name:	image.png
Views:	150
Size:	96.7 KB
ID:	73715


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                  Dear Admins/Mods, can you pls update this model :

                  Herpa 1:500 Balair CV-990A-36 535175 Diecast Airplane | DiecastModelAircraft.com

                  Logo should be Balair instead of Swissair.

                  Thank you.


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                    Is the database still being maintained? I have submitted a few models to be added several months ago and stil they have not been added.


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                      Details and photos for Phoenix Models's 1:400 scale diecast aircraft model of a Thai Airways International A340-541. Phoenix Models part# PH411545

                      This model is A340-500 not A340-600


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                        Hi! There´s some airlines/operators listed twice or thrice with different names (despite they're the same).

                        This is the first part of the registers I've noted (from A to P):

                        10 Tanker Air Cargo & 10 Tanker Air Carrier
                        Aeromar & Aeromar Airlines
                        AirTran Airways JetConnect / Air Wisconsin & AirTran JetConnect / Air Wisconsin
                        Arm?e de l'Air & French Air Force (if you chose the first option, please change "Arm?e" by "Armée" or "Armee")
                        ATI & ATI Transporti Italiani
                        ATR & ATR House Colors
                        Aurora & Aurora Airlines
                        Avianca & Avianca Colombia & Avianca Central America
                        AVIC & AVIC International
                        BA CityFlyer & British Airways CitiFlyer & British Airways CityFlyer
                        BAE Systems & British Aerospace
                        Belavia & Belavia Belarussian Airlines
                        Blank & Blank Model
                        Blue Panorama & Blue Panorama Airlines
                        Bombardier & Bombardier Aircraft Company
                        Bonanza Air Lines & Bonanza Airlines
                        Brazil Air Force & Brazilian Air Force
                        Broad Air Conditioning & Broad Air Conditioning China
                        British Mediterranean & British Mediterranean Airways
                        British Eagle & British Eagle International Airlines
                        BEA & British European
                        British United Air Ferries & BUA British United Air Ferries
                        Cal Air International & Cal-Air International
                        Canadian Air Force & Canadian Armed Forces
                        Canadian Pacific & Canadian Pacific Air Lines & CP Air
                        Canadian Regional & Canadian Regional Airlines / Canadian Partner
                        Centurion Cargo & Centurion Air Cargo
                        Coulson Aviation & Coulson Flying Tankers
                        Croatia Air Force & Croatian Air Force
                        Danish Air Transport & DAT Danish Air Transport
                        De Havilland Aircraft Company & De Havilland Canada
                        Delta Air Lines & Delta Airlines
                        DHL & DHL Air
                        DHL Southern & DHL Southern Air Cargo
                        Dominicana Airlines & Dominicana de Aviacion
                        Domodedovo & Domodedovo Airlines
                        Douglas & Douglas Aircraft Company & McDonnell Douglas & McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Company
                        Druk Air & Druk Air - Royal Bhutan Airlines​
                        East Line & East Line Airlines
                        EasyJet & EasyJet Europe (there's some models with non-G/UK registers listed under EasyJet)
                        Edelweiss & Edelweiss Air
                        "EG&G" & "EG & G"
                        Embraer, Embraer Aircraft Company and Embraer House Colors
                        Emery Worldwide & Emery Worldwide Airlines
                        Eurowings & Eurowings Europe
                        Everts Air Cargo & Everts Air Fuel
                        Fairey & Fairey Aviation
                        German Democratic Republic & East German Air Force
                        GOL Linhas Aereas Inteligentes & GOL Transportes Aeroes (the correct is "GOL Linhas Aereas")
                        Great China & Great China Airlines
                        Helvetic & Helvetic Airways
                        Hi Fly & Hi Fly Malta (there's some models with maltese-registered aircraft models listed under the portuguese Hi Fly, and since both airlines have the same owner, all models can be listed under a single company)
                        Iberworld & Iberworld Airlines
                        Ibex Airlines & Ibex Airlines / ANA Connection
                        Insel Air & Insel Air International
                        Islamic Republic of Iran & Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force & Islamic Republic Government
                        Israel Defence Force & Israel Defence Force - Air Force
                        Italian Naval Aviation & Italian Navy
                        JAL Japan Airlines & Japan Airlines (the correct is "Japan Air Lines" instead "Japan Airlines")
                        Japan Marine Self Defense Force & Japan Maritime Self Defense Force
                        JetLite & JetLite India
                        LATAM / LATAM Chile -> there's some models with brazilian registration under LATAM and some with chilean registration under both airlines, so please join both or move models with PT-/PR-/PS- registration to a new listing named "LATAM Brasil")
                        LTE & LTE International Airways
                        Malaysia & Malaysia Airlines
                        Malev & Malev Hungarian Airlines
                        Martinair & Martinair Holland
                        Midwest Connect Skyway Airlines & Midwest Connect Skywest Airlines (there´s no "Skyway", so move the model listed under it to the second)
                        Modern Air & Modern Air Transport
                        NetJets & NetJets Aviation
                        NLM & NLM CityHopper
                        North Korea Air Force & North Korean Air Force
                        Northwest Orient & Northwest Orient Airlines
                        Novespace & Novespace Zero-G
                        NVA East German Navy & NVA/LSK
                        Orion & Orion Airways
                        Pacific Northern & Pacific Northern Airlines
                        PGA Portugalia Airlines & Portugalia
                        Phuket Air & Phuket Airlines
                        Pluna & Pluna Lineas Aereas Uruguayas
                        Polish Air Force & Polskie Sily Powietrzne​
                        "QantasLink / Cobham Aviation Services" & "Qantaslink / Cobham Aviation Services Australia" & "Qantaslink / Colbham Aviation Services"
                        "Qantaslink / Eastern Australia Airlines" & "Qantaslink / Eastern Australian Airlines"
                        Qatar Airway & Qatar Airways
                        REAL & REAL Transportes Aereos
                        Red Bull & Red Bull Aviation
                        Rich International & Rich International Airways
                        Royal Australian Air & Royal Australian Air Force
                        Royal Jordanian & Royal Jordanian Airlines
                        Russian Naval Aviation & Russian Navy
                        SATA Air Acores & SATA International
                        Saudia & Saudia - Saudi Arabian Airlines
                        SkyUp & SkyUp Airlines
                        Slovak Air Force & Slovakian Air Force
                        Smart Wings & Smartwings
                        South Vietnam Air Force & South Vietnamese Air Force
                        Spanish Navy & Spanish Navy Air Arm
                        SriLankan & SriLankan Airlines
                        Sterling & Sterling Airways
                        Sudflug & Sudflug International
                        Sukhoi Aircraft Corporation & Sukhoi Design Bureau
                        Suomen Ilmavoimat & Suomen Ilmavoimat Finlandska flygvapnet
                        Syrian Air Force & Syrian Arab Air Force
                        T Way Air & T Way Airlines
                        TACA & TACA International Airlines
                        TAI & TAI Transports Aeriens Intercontinentaux
                        Thai AirAsia & Thai AirAsia X
                        Thomas Cook & Thomas Cook Airlines
                        Transaero & Transaero Airlines
                        Transocean & Transocean Air Lines
                        TUI Airlines Nederland & TUI Airlines Netherlands
                        Ukrainan Air Force & Ukrainian Air Force & Ukranian Air Force & Ukraine Air Force (join all under "Ukraine Air Force")
                        United & United Airlines
                        "United Express - GoJet Airlines" & "United Express / GoJet Airlines"
                        US Airways Express Republc Airlines & US Airways Express Republic Airlines (the first has a typo - missing "i")
                        UTAir & UTAir Airlines
                        ValuJet & ValuJet Airlines
                        Viva Air & Viva Colombia
                        Wardair & Wardair Canada
                        Wien Air Alaska & Wien Consolidated
                        Wind Rose Aviation & Windrose Air
                        Worldways & Worldways Canada
                        Yemenia & Yemenia - Yemenia - Yemen Airways
                        Zeppelin & ZeppelinMuseum Friedrichschaffen & Zeppelin NT & Zeppelin Reederei
                        Zip Air & ZipAir Tokyo​

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                        Daniel R.Carneiro
                        Aviation online's chief editor - http://www.aviation.com.br


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                          JC Wings 1:200 Correios B 737-4Y0F XX20103 Diecast Airplane | DiecastModelAircraft.com

                          Model #87453 -> Change the company name to ​"Sideral Linhas Aereas"
                          Daniel R.Carneiro
                          Aviation online's chief editor - http://www.aviation.com.br


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                            Dear Admins, Mods,
                            can you pls update below model, as the difference is quite important :

                            Herpa 1:500 Lufthansa IL-18D 513883 Diecast Airplane | DiecastModelAircraft.com

                            This model runs under Germany (West) and under the "real" Lufthansa. But actually it is Germany (East) and was only a shortlived attempt (1955-1963) by East Germany to establish a successor of Pre-War Lufthansa, before turning that idea down and establishing Interflug. So it is not in anyway really linked to the post-war Lufthansa.

                            Thanks vm !


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                              Two models are missing:
                              (1) Hogan 1:500 Cathay Pacific A330-300 B-LAC 2015 livery

                              (2) Risesoon 1:500 Japan Airlines A350-900 JA04XJ


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