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  • Worst ebay Experience

    I truly feel sorry when I read about DIMA memberís bad experiences on ebay.

    One bad experience can ruin the euphoria of 100 great experiences, it seems.

    My worst experience is rather mundane; I bought a plane that didnít have itís original box, which the seller neglected to mention. He used a pizza box. He said I could return it, but thatís a hassle.

    It was the one and only time I gave negative feedback. (I have never given neutral feedback.) Failing to disclose a key piece of information warrants that, imho. And, in this case, my bid would have been significantly lower had I known this.

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    My worst experience wasn't with diecast aircraft but with radio control car parts. The item was described as one model of car and in "good condition" but when it arrived it was a different model from the same manufacturer and it was in such poor condition that none of the parts were of much use, it had obviously been crashed at high speed as the metal chassis was bent. He agreed to take it back but then stopped communication, I only got a refund once I'd put in a Paypal claim and had shown them proof that the courier had returned it to them.

    I also had a cheap book that didn't arrive and upon investigation it seems the seller was listing thousands of books they didn't actually have to sell. Ebay banned the user and refunded me.

    These are the only 2 bad experiences I can think of out of hundreds of purchases, I've been using ebay for about 18 years.


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      People that keep mentioning their troubles. I have mine, too. (One great response, when someone wants a discount because they are disabled, their mom is sick, whatever, is to say you need the ebay income to pay for your medicine.)

      I sell collectible silver coins. I charge $3 for shipping. I mail the coin in a cd mailer. Postage costs me $2.76, or a little higher. I get a message from someone who likes to buy silver below spot price, but canít because of the $3 charge. I usually get OVER spot price before the shipping charge, so I donít know what the clown is whining about. I put him on my ďbest buddiesĒ list of blocked buyers.


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        I could write a book about all the eBay imbeciles. Just this week I have a buyer who asked for the size of the item AFTER he purchased it, and then had the stupidity to ask if it had coronavirus. No you can't make this garbage up.


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          Easier to ask question then do the work to look up the info.

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        Ebay? No thanks, I'm happy with Amazon.


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