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    Has anyone explored the possibility of 3D Printing scale model airport terminals? I assume you'd have to have a CAD program to draw up the model..

    Little 3D Printing shops are springing up here and there in cities.. most of these devoted to prototype work. Anyway, with the cost of a GJ terminal being well over $100 why not try a new method?

    I don't know about the rest of you, but working with wood and styrene takes a lot of time.. I like putting together photographs of dioramas, but I'm not much into modeling (per se)..

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    I myself can't build a diorama to save my life. Maybe because I realize that there is no way I can make it look quite realistic enough.

    I can buy some of the airport accessories and print some tarmac and apron spaces etc, but there is just something which doesn't look 'right' to me.
    I have seen some interesting dioramas, but for me (my opinion) they look like toys. They mostly look like plastic and too pristine. Real airports have a bit of dirt and grime here in there.

    And some of the very nice dioramas you have to get in close (like in real close with your face) to see the total effect. Then, just like with macro photography, you start to see the faults of the models themselves (landing gear, etc). That puts me off a bit.

    Further, they take up A LOT of space! A premium for me unfortunately.
    But to printing. You can print it, but then you still need to paint it. Another talent I unfortunately don't have. My hand just isn't steady, hence the reason I collect diecast aircraft - no need to get the glue all over the wrong places. I can do snap-fit at least and the odd repair to an aeroclassics or phoenix who lost a stabalizer or vertical tail or engine here and there.

    For me I find pleasure in looking at my models from a distance. That way I don't focus on the faults, but rather on the entire model next to it's sisters. (And they don't even have to be temporally in sync).

    But I also accept that there are others who really love their dioramas and at the end of the day that is all that matters. How you enjoy YOUR hobby. So who cares what I think in any case. If you find doing something you love, then to hell with anyone else :-)

    Off topic, but I think it links in with the above:
    One think that I think a lot of collectors get wrong. It appears as if some people constantly question whether they bought a good model. It appears as if they are not happy until others confirm that they bought the best mold or livery or such.
    One think which is good to learn in life: You DO NOT need VALIDATION from other people. Be yourself and be confident in who you are and what you find beautiful. I have a couple of models which others would consider inferior. I have some Flight Miniatures which are really priceless to me personally because they have a personal history for me. It's not just the model, it is something you can't quite put your hands on. It's an ethereal quality, a thought, a memory of times past. And with that in mind....You know what... if others think it is the worst models ever made... then that is THEIR problem, not mine. I enjoy them none-the less. (Also a reason I don't want to get involved much in the constant bickering going on some unmentionable places).

    my 2c which (Which I realize like everything in life is only my opinion and others might have similar views and other might be diametrically opposed - That makes life interesting hey. Live and let live)


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      The dioramas are going to look slightly toy-like.. but the hope (I guess) is they'll look more like models and less like toys. They're never going to look like real terminals - I completely agree with that.

      I have 0% interest in finding 'the best' molds.. At least not from an objective standpoint. I subjectively collect certain brands for certain molds because I'm committed to them and I like to keep the mistakes consistent (if that makes sense). For example, I only collect Phoenix A340's. But only because I want all my A340's to look the same. I haven't actually taken a caliper to them. If I started doing that it would be too much like work.


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        I will soon have access to a 3d printer. I plan to try to make some terminal walls and jet bridges. I don't know if the texture will be appropriate for airports but we'll see. I'll have to figure out ways to insert "glass" after the 3d print.


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          Over at shapeways somebody has posted a model for a pushback tractor that you can pay to have printed
          Towbarless aircraft tractor for high speed towing and ramp operation with wide-body aircraft range from A300 / B767, DC10 / MD11, B777, A330 / A340 up to B747 and A380. Note: Even though this model is designed using reference photos to get as close to accurate as possible, it is not strictly accurate.


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            @foundation: Very interesting, thanks for the link. You can upload your own designs here I see..

            I'm considering to try this for a terminal building. I usually use wood and sheet styrene for mine. They are such a hassle to make.. and fragile too. I've had some success kit bashing n-scale train stuff to make it look more like 1/400.. but again, lots of work. If I could print a terminal and then drill holes in it for the GJ jetways that would be ideal.

            Now if I only had more time..


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