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Model Airport: KCIA v2

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  • Model Airport: KCIA v2

    I am pleased to present my third contribution to model airports – Terminal A at Claremont International Airport – also known as KCIA. This is my second version of KCIA. Having learned from my experiences of the first one and the desire to add narrow body dates spurred my interest in creating the second version. My other two airports can be found here: KIVI and KCIA V1:

    The buildings and tarmac are my own designs, created on Microsoft Word. The jetways were printed from a free download from

    A little background information: Claremont is a small community east of Los Angeles, just a few miles from Ontario International Airport. It has long been hoped that ONT would provide an additional arrival/departure point for the greater Los Angeles area, but that has never really come to fruition on a large scale. This fantasy airport is based upon the idea that the Inland Empire has finally begun to meet that calling. Although domestic carriers operate at CIA, Terminal C caters specifically to international carriers. NOW, JUST BECAUSE ITS CALLSIGN IS CIA AND IT SERVES ONLY INTERNATIONAL CARRIERS, DO NOT BE GETTING ANY STRANGE IDEAS!

    The tarmac measures approximately 29" x 13" with gate spaces for six wide body aircraft.

    Gates A1 and A3 can hold either two wide-bodies, three narrow-bodies, or a combination of the two.

    Multiple types of aircraft can park at any of the gates.

    Lots of jet ways to choose from…

    The finished product:

    Another view from beneath a Western Electra. A hint of KIVI can be seen underneath:

    Wide-bodies and narrow-bodies fill up every gate

    An overview of A1, A3, and A4

    A couple narrow-bodies at the same gates!

    EgyptAir 777 at Gate A4 with a view of the bus terminal:

    A6 has an extended jetway they use a combination of my own designs and the free downloads mentioned above.

    Two views of A5 which, as you can see, is A380 ready.

    And, one more view of the longer jetway at A6 and Air New Zealand's new 789 park next door. A Russian bird at CIA? Hmmmm…


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    That looks Damn nice!!!
    Nicely done indeed


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      Very good assembly, looking very good


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