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  • Gjarpta airport mats

    I have had in my possession for some time now the three terminal set of Gemini Jets I am wondering if anyone has any idea as to where I might be able to get the set of mats for it? If no one has any idea,then I must get rid of them as being useless and not fit for purpose, as none of the so called airport foils work with them. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

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    Some websites online offer printable mats that fit the GJARPTA terminal set. Hey if you don't end up finding anything you like you could sell it for a pretty penny to users on the forum. I've personally have been hunting this terminal set for years with no luck.

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      The problem has been solved. When I bought it from a model shop in France I had no idea of the problems I would have. Not one customs and excise post, but three of them, all rooting about looking for God knows what, drugs I'd imagine. They, I'm sure, broke bits off, and wound up putting the terminals back in the wrong boxes. A in B, B in C, and C in A. The download of the printable mats works well now that I have the terminals in the right places. Thanks for your message. Kind regards, Geoff


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