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12/24 More & More Collection Sale Listings!!!

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  • 12/24 More & More Collection Sale Listings!!!

    The early bird has been getting the worm with the latest collection sale!!! We've been listing since before 6am both yesterday and today so there are lots of great models that have been listed ready for you as you get out of bed or for some of you as you're going to bed!!!

    We're about 40% of the way through all the Collection Sale models with another 150 or so just listed this morning. There are great models still up including numerous Aeroclassics Qantas 707s, Jet-X NASA 747 Shuttle and so much more!!!! Be sure you check back by the minute as you never know when your favorite model is going to show up!!!

    The next batch of orders is being packed as we had over 100 orders yesterday so it's keeping the elves quite busy on this Christmas Eve!!!

    Much more collection sale to come so stay tuned!!! Happy Shopping!!!

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