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6/1 11th Anniversary Sale!!

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  • 6/1 11th Anniversary Sale!!

    It’s hard to believe but today brings us 11 years of this website being up and running full time. We’ve had 10,000+ customers from all over the world. A staggering 270,000+ models have come through our doors, processed and shipped through our home. We’ve had our ups and downs, we’ve seen customers come, go, come back again. We’ve seen customers grow from being “kids” to find young adults, and seen others move on to a better life. We’ve seen our competitors and manufacturers all come and go, it’s been a run for the past 11 years. One thing we haven’t done recently is throw a sale. It’s actually been OVER 2 years since we’ve thrown a sale. So for those who haven’t seen one of our sales before, they are limited in time and please, please read the rules below before you check out. So let’s get started!!
    1. Your order MUST contain at MINIMUM of TWO Collection Sale! Items
    2. Your order MAY NOT contain any pre-order (-PR) or special order -PR(X)) item.
    3. All orders are served on a first paid, first served basis.
    4. Any items no longer available will be refunded.
    5. This discount cannot be retroactively applied to any order.
    6. All items are SALES FINAL. No returns, refunds or exchanges!

    Really it’s just that simple. By using the code ELEVEN you have read, understood and will comply with the above terms and conditions. This sale will last for no more than 24 hours and could be less!! It’s been a great run so far and I couldn’t have done it with the thousands upon thousands of loyal customers! Thank you for the past 11 years of support and hopefully many more!!!

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