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3/26 More Collection Sale Listed!!!

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  • 3/26 More Collection Sale Listed!!!

    We're approaching another end of the week here at the shop and we've been busy going through shelves, knooks and crevices seeing what's been laying around and what we can dig up!! We've been adding in restock models and even beginning to work on cleaning up the private collection so handfuls of models are being listed near daily at various times as we continue to work on things!!!

    One advantage to being a true home business is that we don't have to be like other California retailers that are processing orders against the "stay home" orders. So while other retailers want to compromise the safety of themselves and their fellow citizens we're keeping it safe here. We have secure pick ups for all out going parcels while we also provide all necessary cleaning and sanitary supplies to all of our delivery personnel!!

    We've got the latest Hobby Masters and NG Models getting ready to ship from overseas and expect them to hopefully be here at the end of next week. Another round of eBay ends tonight with a special 1:500 Wednesday edition listed last night so be sure to check them both out!!! Happy Shopping!!!

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