It's another busy day and we're getting ready for a busy week or two coming up!!! We've got NG Models en-route, Phoenix Models to follow, JC Wings to follow those, Herpa Wings somewhere in between and maybe even some GeminiJets!!! In the mean time let's get started with the last Panda Models exclusive for the year brings us south of the border with the Aeromexico 737!!! This model is much more limited than previously releases so be sure to get your order in!!! The model has already been produced and should be shipping out shortly!!! Secondly, another small batch of Inflight200s have been announced, another small collection has been listed and lastly as we continue to do clean up some more Scratch & Dent models have just been listed!!!
Panda Models 1:400 Pre-Order!!!

Inflight200 Pre-Order!!!

1:400 Collection Sale!!!

1:200 Scratch & Dent!!!

1:400 Scratch & Dent!!!

A huge round of eBay ends tonight and Thursday night so be sure to check it out for some great deals!!! Happy Shopping!!!