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1:200 wish list for 2015

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  • 1:200 wish list for 2015

    Some 1:200 models I wish existed (hint hint manufacturers)

    EMB-120 Brasilia Skywest
    EMB-120 United express battleship,
    EMB-120 united express tulip,
    EMB-120 united express co merger
    EMB-120 blank model
    Saab 340 American Eagle
    747-300 United Saul Bass 1980s colors
    747-400 United Saul Bass 1980s colors
    767 United battleship gray
    767 United saul bass 1980s
    767-400ER United co merger
    767 Air New Zealand standard 1990s colors
    767 Air New Zealand standard 2000s colors
    767 AA polished fuselage (no winglets, no yellow ribbon)
    A310 Air China
    A310 Swissair 1980s colors
    A300 Swissair 1980s
    A330 Air Namibia
    F-27 Swift Air
    737-300 United 1980s saul bass
    737-300 United battleship gray (not shuttle by United)
    MD-80 SAS 1980s colors

    some models I wish were made by metal manufacturers:

    united 757 blue tulip no winglets (hogan has one)
    Icelandair 757 (herpa has one)
    Swissair 747-300 1980s colors (herpa has one coming)
    Swiss international A330 (herpa and hogan have one)

    some models I wish there was another of (different tail number for multiple at an airport, or just because they are super rare and hard to get):

    Swissair MD-8x (jet-x has one)
    Swissair DC-9 (somebody has one)
    United 757 no winglets battleship gray (gemini has one but very rare)
    united 757 no winglets saul bass 1980s (gemini has one but very rare)
    united 757 no winglets saul bass 1980s (gemini has one but very rare)
    British Airways DC-10 landor (inflight 200 sold out rare)
    British Airways L-1011 landor (gemini, inflight sold out rare)
    easyjet a319 (gemini sold out rare)
    easyjet 737 (gemini sold out rare)
    United A319 battleship gray (gemini sold out rare)
    United A320 battleship gray (gemini sold out rare)
    United DC-10 1980s saul bass (inflight sold out rare)
    F-28-100 AA polished fuselage (gemini)
    F-28-100 Swissair 1980s (gemini)

    and all the cool herpa airports and airport accessories (car parks, fuel tanks etc, trains) in 1:200 (and 1:400)
    monorail models

    *for the purposes of this list, I didn't include models that exist from skymarks, wooster, flight miniautres or rise soon, even though I like those models.

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    nobody else has any wishes in 1:200 ?


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      Delta L1011
      Delta 767-200 *Spirit of Delta*
      United 767-200/300 Saul Bass
      American 727-200 (Chrome with bars livery)
      American A300-600B (Chrome not grey)
      United DC-10-30 Saul Bass
      American Eagle Saab 340
      American Eagle Shorts 360
      British Airways L1011 (old livery)
      Delta 767-400ER (in ALL liveries their -400 came in)
      United 767-400ER (Post CO Merger)
      Continental 767-400ER

      That's all I can think of for right now. All in 1:200 scale.

      Cloud Services Admin/Collector since 2006


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        Having started fairly late in the collecting toy planes hobby, my want list in my Dima signature graphic contains enough for me to hunt down.

        There are a lot of South African based models which have never been done, but that is for the future. At the moment I am trying to keep up with the odd new release and hunting down old releases.


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          Eugene, did you ever receive your models? What about your SAA A340?
          Never trust a helicopter under 50! Phrogs Phorever!


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            Hi Phrog74 :-)

            The 4 month long postal worker (Communication Workers Union) strike only ended recently. I have received a couple of my 40 planes (ordered over the 4-5 months of the strike) last week. I only visit the post office once a week on a Friday, so tomorrow I might get more. I am almost holding my breath as the CWU had indicated that they might go on strike again as they haven't been paid what government promised them to end the strike. lol. (I can just laugh)

            The SAA models are apparently 'in the mail'. And I hope it is indeed as I have no reason yet to doubt the seller. That A340-600 from Hogan would be a long sought after model indeed. Tomorrow will tell :-)

            I see your wish list is also quite large. That is what happens when one start late in collecting. So many good models were released in limited editions and they are very hard to find and then to afford eh?

            PS. I understand the reasoning for them striking. Sadly, it is another one in what seems now like an endless series of bad decisions made by government. 'Load shedding' (power cuts) is the latest crisis we are dealing with, and it is said to be on the cards for the next couple of months, if not years. *sigh*


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              Yeah, started recently, but the I wish they made another of these was more of a side note, was trying to get manufacturers to make some of my favorite planes/liveries that have never been made.

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            Not much better here in the US, my friend, not much better...if at all sometimes
            Never trust a helicopter under 50! Phrogs Phorever!


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              How about the Boeing 720 in Continental or any other airline who flew them? From a quick search on there are over 1000 pictures of these for inspiration!


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                More 747's & BAE 146's... more 727 won't hurt either. What more regional like Canadian airliners or other 2ndary airlines.


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                  BOAC 747-100 (POLISHED)
                  BOAC COMET 1
                  BOAC VISCOUNT 800


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                    As you have said any UA EMB-120.
                    DL L-1011 without any bicentennial crap.
                    EA L-188 same as above in the hockey stick colors.
                    BOAC 747-100.
                    AA 767-200 w/o ribbon.
                    Battleship 757.
                    Those are just the top of my list


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                      2015 Wish List for Inflight 200's and/or Gemini 200's (Not into Resin):

                      DC-10-30 Air Siam
                      DC-10-30 Air Zaire
                      DC-10-30 Ariana Afghan Airlines
                      DC-10-30 Finnair (Blue Cheatline)
                      DC-10-30 JAT - Yugoslav Airlines (Blue C/L w/ thin Red Stripe)
                      DC-10-15 Mexicana (Gold Bar Livery)
                      DC-10-30 ONA - Overseas National Airlines
                      DC-10-10 Western Airlines (Bare Metal w/ Orange & Blue Stripes)
                      DC-10-30 World Airways (Red & Gold Stripe Livery)
                      DC-10-30 Zambia Airways

                      747-148 Aer Lingus (White Shamrock Livery)
                      747-237B Air India (Flying Palace Livery)
                      747-219B Air New Zealand (Blue & Turquoise C/L)
                      747-238B British Airways (Landor Livery)
                      747-209B CAL - China Air Lines (Red & Blue C/L)\
                      747-123 Columbia Airways (Fantasy - "Airport 1975" Movie)
                      747-258B EL AL Israel (Negev Livery)
                      747-249B Flying Tigers (Passenger Version - MAC Fights)
                      747-256B Iberia (Red Orange & Yellow Stripes)
                      747-206B KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (Dark Blue C/L Lt Blue Top)
                      747-2B5B KAL - Korean Airlines (Red & Blue C/L)
                      747-130 Lufthansa (Blue C/L)
                      747-135 National Airlines (Sun King Livery)
                      747-251B Northwest Orient (Thermometer Livery)
                      747-184 Olympic Airways (Delivery Livery)
                      747-2F6B PAL - Philippine Airlines (Blue & Red C/L)
                      747-283B SAS - Scandinavian Airlines (Viking Boat C/L)
                      747-257B Swissair (Brown & Black C/L)
                      747-282B TAP - Air Portugal (Red Stripe Livery)
                      747-2D7B Thai Airways (Purple & Gold Livery)
                      747-2U3B UTA French Airlines (Blue Tail & Green Doors)
                      747-2L5B Varig Brasil (Delivery Livery)
                      747-273C World Airways (Red C/L) & (Red & Gold C/L)

                      1:400 Scale Die-cast Models = 0997
                      1:200 Scale Die-cast Models = 0399

                      Total Die-cast Models = 1396


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                        1:200 wish list
                        Allegheny DC9
                        old Usair DC9
                        Piedmont 727
                        Piedmont 737-300
                        Empire F-28
                        Piedmont F-28


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