got 5 of the DW 747 + SHUTTLES. And looking for the last 5 DW 1/400 NASA 747 + SHUTTLES. there is only EIGHT in DB, but I have found TEN!! below are ones I am looking for!

56183 x2 ENTERPRISE POLISHED AND CHROME. there is only ONE of these in DB! chrome is missing. pic below.

56184 x2 DISCOVERY WHITE appears there were 2 releases of this one. with different boxes. only ONE in DB. so was this a re-release? see pic below!


DW Nasa 747 + SHUTTLES-a6b.jpg DW Nasa 747 + SHUTTLES-a6.jpg

DW Nasa 747 + SHUTTLES-a9.jpg DW Nasa 747 + SHUTTLES-a10.jpg Attached Images