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1/400: different brands, different qualities

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  • 1/400: different brands, different qualities

    Hi everyone! I've been collecting 1/500-planes for years now. couple of weeks ago I switched to 1/400-scale. my question is: how would you rate brand qualities in 1/400-scale (gemini, jc wings, phoenix etc.)? what are the pros and cons of each brand? is there any brand you would absolutely not recommend - and why?

    looking forward for your answers!

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    This is a big question. All of the brands are roughly on par with each other but certain brands do have characteristics around print detailing, QC and paint colour. None to the extent they should be avoided.

    It still comes down mostly to mould quality and here there is lots of variation. I wrote this as an introduction to 'who is the best' a while ago and it still makes sense:

    I recommend reading around the topic at my site in the following areas:

    Mould reviews:
    Detailed Mould Comparison Ratings:
    Individual Model Reviews:

    It is also worth understanding that all Gemini Jets are made by JC wings and they mostly share moulds too.

    If you really had to push me the best brands are: NG Models, Panda Models, Aviation400, JC Wings / Gemini Jets. Aeroclassics and Phoenix are weaker but still produce plenty of fine models.


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      Hi R Stretton, thank you for your answer! I read your article and I found it very interesting. Nothing more to say! Nice homepage and impressive collection btw.

      I am surprised you are rating Panda and Aviation400 higher than Phoenix. But as I wrote, I just started with 1/400. I neither didn't know about Gemini/JC Wings!

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      Thanks Richard!

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