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For Sale: Wings of Texaco collection

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  • For Sale: Wings of Texaco collection

    These models have been gently displayed and are in excellent condition. All 14 planes are for sale as a group.

    Wings of Texaco

    1st in series: 1929 Lockheed Air Express
    2nd in series: 1932 Northrop Gamma
    3rd in series: 1931 Stearman Biplane
    4th in series: 1940 Grumman Goose
    5th in series: 1930 Travel Air Model R "Mystery Ship"
    6th in series: 1929 Curtis Robin Airplane
    7th in series: Texaco's first plane 1927 Ford Tri-Motored-Monoplane
    8th in series: "The Duck" 1936 Keystone-Loening commuter
    9th in series: "Spokane Sun-God" 1929 Buhl CA-6 Sesquiplane
    10th in series: "Texas Eaglet" A modified Franklin Utility Glider
    11th in series: "Gooney Bird" Douglas DC-3C
    12th in series: "Staggerwing" 1939 Beechcraft D17S
    13th in series:Waco Straightwing" 1929 Waco ASO
    14th in series Spartan 1935
    Wings of Texaco collection: Model #'s 1 - 14 Item # WTC14 | Collectibles, Transportation, Aviation | eBay!
    Steven Howland, President - Free Shipping on orders over 100 (48 US States). Save 10% with coupon "dimadiscount". Earn Loyalty Reward Points to save even more.

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