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  • For Sale Rare Aeroclassics for Sale

    All below are for sale!
    Please send a private message for pricing and shipping quotes!
    I ship from FL, USA worldwide via USPS. Serious inquiries only! Thanks!

    Aerocondor Colombia B720-032B HK-1973 N/A 1970s Colors
    Aerocondor Colombia A300B4 HK-2057 ACHK2057 1970s Colors RRT
    Aeroflot A319 VP-BWA ACVPBWA Current Colors RRT Sergei Prokofiev
    Aeromexico DC-8-51 XA-DOD ACXADOD "1970s - Polished" Colors. With Rolling Gears.
    Air California L-188A Electra N124AC ACN124AC "1960s" Colors.
    Air Canada DC-9-32 C-FBKT ACCFBKT 1970s Silver Bullet Colors Polished Fuselage
    Air Florida DC-9-15RC N29AF ACAFL085 Orand and Blue Colors
    Air Malta DC-9-30 OE-LDC ACOELDC 1980s Austrian Hybrid Colors
    Alaska Airlines B727-090QC N766AS AC18079D Icon Graphics - Onion Domes
    ALIA The Royal Jordanian Airline B720-030B JY-ADS AC18061 "1970s" Colors. Named "City of Madaba".
    ALIA The Royal Jordanian Airline B747-100 JY-AFA ACJYAFA "1980s" Colors. With Polished Belly.
    Alitalia A300B2 I-BUSP ACIBUSP 1990s Colors
    Alitalia SUD Se-210 Caravelle I-DAXE AC18004 "1960s" Colors. Named "Aldebaran".
    American Airlines B707-320B/C N8436 ACN8436 "1970s" Colors. With Polished Fuselage. With Rolling Gears.
    American Airlines B720-023B N7528A AC18062E "1980s" Colors. Named "Flagship Conneticut". With "Chrome" Fuselage.
    Annsett Australia Airlines B727-200 VH-ANB ACVHANB Mid "1990s" Starmark Colors. "Ansett Australia Farewell 1964-1997" message titles. "Australian Classics" Release.
    Annsett-ANA Airlines L-188 Electra VH-RMA ACVHRMA "1950s" Delivery Colors. With Rolling Gears.
    Arika Israelia Airlines B727-100 4X-BAE AC4XBAE Avianca Hybrid Colors
    Australian Air Express Cargo B727-200F VH-VLH ACVHVLH "2000s" Colors. With Rolling Gears.
    Austrian Airlines DC-9-32 OE-LDA ACOELDA 1980s Colors
    Aviaco Spain Se-210 Caravelle EC-ARI ACECARI 1980s Colors
    Avianca B707-359B HK-1410 ACHK1410 Early 1970s AV Red Roof Colors
    Braniff International CV-440 N3432 ACN3432 1950s El Dorado Colors
    British Airways B737-300 G-LGTF ACGLGTF 2000s Colors
    Caledonian Airways DC-10-30 G-NIUK ACGNIUK 1990s Colors
    Canadian Airlines B737-200 C-GCPY ACCGCPY "1995s" Colors. With "Liberal Party of Canada" Logo. Exclusive for Airplane Replicas.
    Canadian Pacific DC-8-51 CF-CPN ACCFCPN 1960s Colors Empress of Santiago
    China Southern A300B4 B-2315 ACB2315 1990s Colors
    Condor Germany B727-030 D-ABIR ACCFG049 Yellow Tail 1980s Colors
    Continental Airlines B727-22 N40483 AC18081 1970s Black Meatball 1 of 360
    Conviasa Venezuela CV-880 YV-C-VIC ACYVCVIC 1960s Split KLM colors
    Cyprus Airways B707 5B-DAP AC5BDAP "1980s" Colors. 83071594107
    Dan Air London A300B4 G-BMNC ACGBMNC 1980s Colors
    Delta Air Cargo Curtiss C-46 N9873F ACN9873F "1950s" Colors. With Rolling Gears
    Dragon Air A330-200 B-HWI ACBHWI 25th Anniversary Sticker
    Eastern Airlines DC-8-61 N8777 ACN8777 "1970s - White Hockey Stick" Colors. Exclusive for
    Eastern Airlines DC-9-51 N413EA ACN413EA "1970s - Silver Hockey Stick" Colors. Exclusive for CollectableJets.
    Ecuatoriana B707-321B HC-BHY ACHCBHY 1980s Rainbow Colors
    Ecuatoriana B707-032B N780EC ACECR051 1 of 288 "1970s - Pan Am Hybrid" Colors.
    Fedex B727-200F N271FE ACN271FE "1993s" Colors. With Rolling Gears.
    Finnair DC-9-14 OH-LYC ACFIN084 1980s Colors
    Flying Tigers Cargo B707-358C N317F AC18132B El Al Hybrid Colors 1 of 144
    Garuda Indonesia B747-200 PK-GSE ACPKGSE 1980s Colors - City of Yogyakarta
    Hapag-Lloyd Germany A300B4 D-AHLA ACDAHLA 1980s Colors RRT
    Hinduja Cargo Services B727-200F VT-LGA ACVTLGA Lufthansa Cargo Venture India 1990s Colors
    Iberia DC-10-30 EC-CBP ACECCBP "1970s" Colors. Named "Costa Dorada". With Polished Belly.
    JAL Japan Air Lines CV-880 JA8028 ACJA8028 "1960s" Colors. Named "City of Kikyo"
    KLM Royal Dutch DC-8-53 PH-DCR ACPHDCR 1960s Colors - Gerhard Mercator
    KLM Royal Dutch DC-9-15 PH-DNA 1960s Colors Tampo misprint
    KLM Royal Dutch B737-200 PH-TVR ACPHTVR 1980s Colors - Leased from Transavia
    LACSA Costa Rica BAC-1-11 TI-1055 ACTI1055C Early 1970s Colors
    LADECO Chile B727-116 CC-CAG ACCCCAG 1980s Colors
    LAN Chile B707-385C CC-CEB ACCCCEB 1970s Delivery Colors Polished Belly RRT
    Lanica Nicaragua CV-880 AN-BLW ACANBLW "1970s" Colors. With "Lineas Aereas de Nicaragua" Titles. Exclusive for AdamJets.
    Lanica Nicaragua B727-076 AN-BSQ ACLAN088 1970s Colors w/ polished belly
    Malaysian Airline System B707-321 G-AZWA AC18036 1 of 480 1960s Colors
    MEA Lebanon CV-990 OD-AFF ACODAFF 1970s Colors
    Midwest Express DC-9-32 N202ME SMA040303 1990s Colors
    National Airlines B747-100 N77772 ACN77772 1970s Colors Named Jacquelyn - Front wheel sealed in plastic bag
    National Airlines B727-035 and DC-6 Set N4610 N90898 ACNAT1 Two Pack w/ GSE 1960s Delivery Colors 1 of 360
    National Airlines DC-8-61 N45090 ACN45090 Late "1960s - Delivery" Colors. With Polished Belly.
    Nigeria Airways B747-200 G-BDXB ACGBDXB 1980s Colors
    Pan Am A300B4 N208PA 1980s Billboard Colors Clipper San Francisco RRT
    Phillippine Airlines A340-200 F-OHPI ACFOHPI 1990s Colors
    Reeve Akeutian Airways B727-22C N832RV AC18088 1980s Colors "Tilly"
    Sabena DC-10-30CF OO-SLA ACOOSLA 1970s Colors RRT
    Sabena A340-211 OO-SCW ACOOSCW 1990s Colors Gear Collapse @ Brussells
    Southwest Airlines B737-300 N688SW ACN688SW Canyon Blue
    Southwest Airlines B737-200 N96SW ACN96SW Canyon Blue
    TAM Brasil A319 PT-MZA ACPTMZA 1 of 144 Made 1990s Colors
    Trans International Airlines DC-8-61 N8960T ACN8960T "1960s" Colors
    TWA DC-4 N45346 ACN45346 1950s Colors
    VASPEX Cargo DC-10-30CF N107WA ACN107WA "1990s" Colors. With "VASPEX" Titles
    Viasa Venezuela CV-880 YV-C-VIA ACYVCVIA 1970s Colors
    Western Airlines B720-047B N3154 ACWAL063 1960s - Indian Head
    Western Carribbean Airways B707-138B G-AVZZ ACGAVZZ 1980s Lakers Colors

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    Wonderful collection! Shame theres no 747-400


    • #3

      If they are still available please give me a price for the following;

      Canadian Pacific DC-8
      Dragon Air A330
      JAL CV880
      KLM 737-200
      TAM A319

      Shipping is to 20194 - my collection is public at speedbirdsfo.




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