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Following 1:400 models are for sale. Many rare gems. Shipping from Canada. DM for prices

Gemini Jets Delta Air Lines Boeing B 777-200 GJDAL128 Notes: "Olympics 2002" Colors
Gemini Jets European Air Transport Boeing B 757-200 GJDHL338 Notes: "1990s - DHL" Colors
Gemini Jets Eastern Airlines Boeing B 727-200 GJEAL113 Notes: "1970s - Hockey Stick" Colors ."Real Metal" Fuselage.
Gemini Jets Alaska Airlines Boeing B 737-200 GJASA243 Notes: "1990s" Colors.
Gemini Jets British Airways Aerospatiale / BAe Concorde GJBAW025 Notes: "United Kingdom - Union Jack" Colors.
Jet-X Continental Micronesia Douglas DC-10-10 JX003 Notes: "1991s" Colors. With Numbered Stand.
Jet-X Alaska Airlines Boeing B 737-400 JX007 Notes: "1990s" Colors. Named "Spirit of Alaska". With Stand.
Jet-X American Airlines Boeing B 727-100 JX009A Notes: "1970s" Colors. "Polished" Version. With Stand.
Dragon Wings American Airlines Douglas DC-10-30 55165 Notes: "1980s" Colors. "Metal Magic" Version. With Stand.
Jet-X Continental Airlines McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30 JX004 Notes: "1980s - Black Meatball" Colors. With Stand
Dragon Wings Trans World Airlines Boeing B 717-200 55384 Notes: "TWA / AA" Hybrid Colors. With "Chrome" Fuselage. With Stand. Exclusive for CR Smith Museum.
Dragon Wings Lufthansa Airbus Industries A340-600 55382 Notes: "1990s" Colors. With "Star Alliance" Logo. With Stand. GSE= Passenger Stairs.
Dragon Wings Bangkok Airways Boeing B 717-200 55347 Notes: "2000s - Tropical" Colors. Named "Samui". With Stand. Exclusive for Tucano Line Switzerland.
Dragon Wings Virgin Atlantic Airways Airbus Industries A340-600 55451B Notes: "2000s" Colors. Named "Cloud Nine". With Stand. Exclusive for Virgin Atlantic Airways.
Gemini Jets Air Canada Airbus Industries A320-200 DJAC00049 Notes: "Toronto Raptors" Colors.
Phoenix Models Interflug Tupolev TU-154 PH4IFL005 Notes: "1980s" Colors
Phoenix Models Northwest Airlines Douglas DC-9-30 PH4NWA008 Notes: "2003s" Colors
Phoenix Models QantasLink Boeing B 717-200 PHXQFA023 Notes: "2000s" Colors
Phoenix Models Air Pacific Boeing B 747-400 PHXAPC024 Notes: "Pacific Island Color" Colors. Named "Island Of Viti Levu"
Seattle Model Aircraft Company Frontier Airlines Boeing B 737-200 SMA031002 Notes: "1960s" Colors.
Gemini Jets Alaska Airlines Boeing B 737-400 GJASA445 Notes: First Version. "Disneyland" Colors.
Aeroclassics Alaska Airlines Convair CV-880 AC18241 Notes: "1960s" Colors.
Aeroclassics Qantas Airways Boeing B 707-300 AC18142 Notes: "1970s - V Jet" Colors. Named "City of Darwin".
Seattle Model Aircraft Company AirTran Airways Douglas DC-9-30 SMA031201 Notes: "1990s" Colors.
Seattle Model Aircraft Company Hughes Airwest Douglas DC-9-30 SMA040102 Notes: "1970s" Colors.
Gemini Jets United States Air Force Boeing C-17 Globemaster GMUSA002 Notes: Named "Spirit of Berlin".
Herpa Air New Zealand Boeing B 767-300 Notes: "Lord of the Rings - Aragron" Colors. With "Star Alliance" Logo
Aeroclassics Wardair Canada Boeing B 727-100 AC18044 Notes: "1970s" Colors. Named "Cy Becker".
Aeroclassics Canadian Air Force Boeing B 707-300 MC004 Notes: "Canadian Armed Forces" Titles.
Gemini Jets Federal Express Airbus Industries A310-300 GJFDX332 Notes: "1993s" Colors. With "Express" Titles.
Gemini Jets Federal Express Airbus Industries A310-200 GJFDX639 Notes: "1992s" Colors. With "Express" Titles. Named "Kennedy".
Gemini Jets Japan Air Commuter NAMC YS-11 GJJAC324 Notes: "1990s" Colors.
Dragon Wings Airbus Industries Airbus Industries A340-500 55712 Notes: "1990s - House" Colors. With "The Longest Range Aircraft In The World" Titles. With Stand.
Phoenix Models JetStar Airways Airbus Industries A320-200 PH410018 Notes: "2004s" Colors
Dragon Wings United States Air Force Lockheed Martin C-5 Galaxy 55780 Notes: "Grey" Colors. 105th Airlift Wing, 137th AS, NY ANG Stewart Air National Guard Base. With Stand.
Gemini Jets Alaska Airlines Boeing B 737-400 GJASA607 Notes: "Salmon Three Salmon" Colors
Gemini Jets Alaska Airlines Boeing B 737-400 GJASA592 Notes: "50th Anniversary - Tinkerbell" Colors. Exclusive for Alaska Airlines Company Store.
Phoenix Models JetStar Airways Boeing B 717-200 PH410088 Notes: "2004s" Colors.
Gemini Jets Delta Connection / Chautauqua Airlines Embraer ERJ-145 GJDAL618 Notes: "2000s - Deltaflot" Colors. With "800th ERJ" Logo
Phoenix Models AirAsia Airbus Industries A320-200 PH410096 Notes: "Manchester United" Colors.
Aeroclassics Canadian Pacific Boeing B 707-100 ACN791SA Notes: "1960s" Colors
Aeroclassics Air Canada Douglas DC-8-63 ACCFTIN Notes: "1980s" Colors
Gemini Jets Northwest Airlink / Pinnacle Airlines Bombardier CRJ200 GJNWA335 Notes: "2003s" Colors
Gemini Jets United Express / Chautauqua Airlines Embraer ERJ-145 GJUAL621 Notes: "2004s" Colors. With "Star Alliance" Logo
Gemini Jets Southwest Airlines Boeing B 737-700 GJSWA461 Notes: "NBA - Slam Dunk One" Colors.
Aeroclassics Zip Air Boeing B 737-200 ACCGMCP Notes: "2002s - Red" Colors. Exclusive For Aviaton World.
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