I see a lot of Soviet/Russian 1/72 scale aircraft for sale in the open market, from MiG-15 to MiG-29. Of course lets not forget the Suhkoi series of fighters (SU-27, 30, 33, 35) If we look at collecting birds by lineage and timeline, manufacturers could start looking at some "missing links" in the lineage. Start with the MiG-19, the USSRs' first supersonic fighter, dating back to the mid-late 1950's. on the Suhkoi side, there is the SU-7 Fitter, SU-15 Flagon (the type that shot down KAL 007 in the 1980's) and SU-22 Fitter (swing wing version). I'd like to see companies such as Hobby Master and others to take a look at and complete an aircraft manufacturer lineage series....Food for thought