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  • Wanted: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines B 767-306ER PH-BZE

    Looking for: JC Wings KLM Royal Dutch Airlines B 767-306ER PH-BZE!!!

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  • Wanted: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines B 747-306SCD PH-BUV

    Looking for: Inflight200 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines B 747-306SCD PH-BUV!!!

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  • Livavio
    started a topic VarigLog MD-11 PR-LGE

    VarigLog MD-11 PR-LGE

    Interested about VarigLog MD-11 Cargo PR-LGE with stand JC wings LH2VRG124
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  • Livavio
    started a topic VarigLog DC-10-30F PP-VMU

    VarigLog DC-10-30F PP-VMU

    Interested about INFLIGHT 200 IFDC100411B 1/200 VARIG LOGISTICS DC-10-30F PP-VMU
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  • Inflight200 / Lufthansa B 747-430 D-ABVH & B 747-430 D-ABVK

    Interested about follow models:
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  • Baltman
    started a topic Airbus Industries A310-203 D-AICB

    Airbus Industries A310-203 D-AICB

    Hi dear collectors!
    How is the Lufthy A310-200 D-AICB doing from Inflight200? Detalization and overall quality?
    Have catched a few bugs in...
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  • FireAngelZero
    started a topic Scale Airport Mat

    Scale Airport Mat

    Hey everyone,

    I'm looking around and shopping for a 1:200 Scale Airport Mat. It doesn't seem like there's a huge demand online as I have...
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  • Aero Kangaroo
    started a topic Air Vanuatu 737-800

    Air Vanuatu 737-800

    Here is photo of an Air Vanuatu 737-800, by PPC Holland, only available onboard Air Vanuatu flights. I would to see this in Metal 1:400 scale as well....
    Air Vanuatu 737-800 plastic model by PPC Holland.
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  • Looking for herpa premium or lufthansa modell edition

    Here's a collector from Guangzhou China, looking for a HERPA PREMIUN or LUFTHANSA MODELL EDITION 747-400(including ANZ 747, BONN, KLM 747 and so on)....
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  • LH A320 D-AIQN - any idea where this model comes from?


    I found a model which I do not know the origin. I have no clue which manufacturer produced this. Has anybody here an idea?
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  • Comparison: Pan Am 747 "Billboard" (IF200 vs. GJ200)

    This week I will be giving my personal review of the most recent examples of the Pan Am 747-121 in the "Billboard" livery. This is more of a comparison and my opinion on what are the strengths and weaknesses of the molds used by both manufacturers. I recently received the Pan Am 747 Inflight200 version after having the Gemini200 747 since it's release in Dec/Jan. Below is the overall view of the Inflight200 N737PA "Clipper Ocean Herald" example And now the Gemini200 N741PA notice how the blues are a bit off between the two. If you don't notice, the Gemini200 version has a much darker blue than the Inflight200 example where it borders into the sky-neon blue... Now lets get to the engines because that's what I feel needs to be covered.. The Inflight200 version I feel has a better outside view of the engine including the cowlings and you can easily tell where the movable parts are on Inflight200 such as the reversers... While the Gemini200 is more simpler and just kinda has a more.. "I'm an engine" look, but the fan blades on the Gemini200 I feel look a lot more detailed than the fan blades on the Inflight200: The nose on both models are fairly equal, where the writing more or less is similar to both examples. Inflight200: Gemini200: (Apologies for the blurriness I will replace later) Lastly a nose to nose comparison, where the Inflight200 version is a little lower to the ground than the Gemini200 version. Both models have their good and bad. While the stand on the Inflight200 version is much more professional with a plaque of the type and airline, I still like the fact the Gemini200 version has removable landing gears which gives the plane a better "In-Flight" look while on the stand. The model would be perfect for me if it had the Gemini200 fuselage with the Inflight200 engines and Gemini fan-blades. Let me know what you think, or if you have anything to add that I missed!...
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  • FireAngelZero
    started a topic Pan Am's wind-trials jumbo

    Pan Am's wind-trials jumbo

    During that time as the 60's were ending to bring in the 70's Boeing was actively testing the 747 frame before orders fulfilled.Pan Am being one of the principal buyers of the type and Boeing were all testing the capabilities and handling of this new beast that brought in the Jumbo era.One frame selected for testing was N732PA or "Clipper Storm King" which was the 3rd 747 to come out of the Everett factory. This Pan Am jet went through some hefty testing and even before being delivered to Pan Am received damage when attempting to land short at Renton WA. Today I will be switching gears and focusing mainly on the plane itself rather than it's history... This jet was one of the recent releases of Inflight200 and even was re-released with a red and white striping going through the nose cone. This model is the first "new release" model in my Pan Am fleet, as most of my other 200 scale jets were either bought second hand or were in storage in some secluded retailer's basement... I am amazed that up until now no one has really had any interest or even offer their own pictures of the model. The picture below shows a more over the wing view of the model and shows the nose cone in all it's glory. The tail on this plane sports the original Pan Am titles with the N732PA registration. I love the Boeing 747 logo after the aft door. The moment you have been waiting for the nose cone which is definitely the reason this jet was made. Lastly a more of a lower wing view of this plane. Would this fit your collection? Honestly... this is a plane that could pass most of your interests... The bottom line is this, this release for Infli...
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  • iorelkab
    started a topic Tu-160 Herpa! Spielwarenmesse 2017

    Tu-160 Herpa! Spielwarenmesse 2017

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  • AlRz1
    started a topic What model do you want to be released?

    What model do you want to be released?

    Good day.

    My very first time here. I like a lot this page, just incredible.

    What I would like to know if somebody knows something...
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  • Inflight200 IFCONC1116 Air Canada Aérospatiale/BAC Concorde CF-SST (Fantasy Scheme)

    Air Canada Aérospatiale/BAC Concorde CF-SST
    1/200 Scale

    Just picked up in Hong...
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