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  • European Customs by Mumrik

    Hello everyone,

    As a consequence of the problems with Photobucket and for easier sorting of the big variety of my models I now split up my models into different treads depending on the origin of the custom in question.

    Here we have the European customs tread, starting of with two Air Europa 737-800s, a Ryanair 737, Rossiya 777 and many more.


    Aegean Airlines Airbus A320 SX-DVM
    Air Berlin Bombardier Dash 8-Q400 "White" D-ABQQ
    Air Europa Boeing 737-800 EC-MJU and EC-MKL "30 Anos"
    Air Moldova Embraer E190 ER-ECB and ER-ECC
    British Airways (Sun-Air of Scandinavia) BAe Jetstream 31 OY-SVF
    British Antarctic Survey DHC6 VP-FAZ
    Cello Aviation 737-300 G-MISG
    Condor Boeing 747-400 D-ABTD
    CSA Tupolev TU-134 OK-HFL
    Ellinair Airbus A319 SX-EMM
    Ellinair Boeing 737-300 LY-GGC
    eurolot Bombardier Dash 8-Q400 SP-EQC
    Flughafen Stuttgart TU-154 D-AFSG
    Gromov Flight Research Institute Tupolev TU-154 RA-85317
    Iberia Airbus A319 EC-KMD
    Iberia Airbus A320 EC-LUL
    Iberia Airbus A321 EC-JNI
    Jet Connections 737-200 VP-CAQ
    Montenegro Airlines Fokker F100 4O-AOP
    Norwegian Boeing 737-800 LN-DYA "Erik Bye" and LN-NOU "Carl von Linné"
    Rossiya Boeing 777-300 EI-UNL
    Ryanair Boeing 737-800 EI-EFM
    Ukraine International Embraer 190 UR-EMB

    Aircraft enthusiast and custom maker

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    Widerøe Bombardier Dash 8-100 LN-WIM


    Icelandair Boeing 767-300 TF-ISP

    Aircraft enthusiast and custom maker


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      Nice work! I can't believe they make a DHC-6 and a J31 in 1:500 scale!


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        Originally posted by RStretton View Post
        Nice work! I can't believe they make a DHC-6 and a J31 in 1:500 scale!
        Thanks! The DHC-6 and Jetstream are two really small aircraft and only possible in scale 1:500 thanks to 3D printing.

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          Good evening everyone,

          The new update also in the European Customs tread. This time with an interesting list of new models.
          Please enjoy!!


          Aegean Airlines Airbus A320 "Star Alliance" SX-DVQ
          Aegean Airlines Airbus A320 "Visit Greece" SX-DGI
          British Airways (Sun-Air of Scandinavia) BAe Jetstream 31 OY-SVB
          easyJet Airbus A319 G-EZNM
          LOT Polish Embraer E170 SP-LIB
          Openskies Boeing 767-300 F-HILU
          Sabena Avro RJ100 OO-DWD
          Transavia Boeing 737-700 x2 PH-XRC and PH-XRD
          Transavia France Boeing 737-800 F-GZHE
          WOW Air Airbus A321 TF-DAD


          Lufthansa Boeing 747-8i D-ABYS
          Aircraft enthusiast and custom maker


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            Hello guys,

            A new update of European customs tonight with customs in scales 1:500 and 1:200.

            I have some rare and beautiful small models in scale 1:500, such as a British Airways A319 Olympic 2012 "Golden Dove".

            In scale 1:200, I have a set of DC-3 models, all with the same registration and livery, but a total number of 10 models, all ordered by the Swedish association "Flygande Veteraner" (Flying Veterans).
            The plane is an old DC-3, build in as a C-47 in 1943. It flew with the US Army Air Force, based in Oran, Algeria.
            Later in 1944, she participated in the D-day landings, dropping paratroopers over Normandie.
            After her military service with the Americans, she was rebuilt as a civilian passenger plane, first flying for the DNL, later picked up by SAS when SAS was founded.
            in 1957 she was sold to the Swedish domestic airline "Linjeflyg" and flew with this airline up until 1960 when she was sold to the Swedish Air Force.
            In 1982 she was retired from service with the Air Force and were now purchased by the same association that owns and operates her today. She is now, once again painted in the old Scandinavian Airlines System livery, looking just as she did when operating for them 60 years ago.
            But now based at the Airport in Västerås.

            Please enjoy!!


            Amapolaflyg Fokker F50 SE-LIS
            British Airways Airbus A319 G-EUPD "Dove"
            British Airways Embraer 170 G-LCYM
            Norwegian Boeing 737-800 EI-FVH "Jean Sibelius", G-NRWY "Carl Nielsen" and LN-NGA "Ludvig Walentin Karlsen"


            SAS Scandinavian Airlines System Douglas DC-3 SE-CFP (Flygande Veteraner)

            Aircraft enthusiast and custom maker


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              Hello everyone,

              A long time without any update in these treads. Have had a very busy fall of last year, so have not been too good at keeping these treads up to date. However, hoping that 2018 will turn out better, I’ll start this year with some new models from last fall.

              From Europe we have:


              Air Baltic Bombardier CS300 YL-CSD
              Air Baltic Bombardier Dash8-Q400 YL-BBT
              Astra Airlines ATR 42 SX-DIR
              Astra Airlines ATR 72 SX-DIP
              Austrian Airlines Airbus A319 OE-LDG
              Austrian Airlines Bombardier Dash8-Q400 OE-LGD
              Austrian Airlines Embraer E195 “Star Alliance” OE-LWH
              Austrian Airlines Embraer E195 OE-LWJ
              British Airways DHC6 Twin Otter G-BZFP
              Brussels Airlines Airbus A330-300 OO-SFO
              Kuban Airlines Boeing 737-300 VQ-BHD
              Lufthansa Airbus A320NEO D-AINA
              Norwegian Boeing 737 MAX8 EI-FYA and EI-FYB
              Royal Navy Jetstream 31 XX476
              Swiss Bombardier CS100 HB-JBB
              Swiss Bombardier CS300 HB-JCB
              Titan Airways Boeing 767-300 G-POWD

              YL-CSD, is the fourth Bombardier CS300 delivered to launch customer of the type Air Baltic on first of June 2017, it now operates on Air Baltics European network as well as some occasional operations to Abu Dhabi.

              YL-BBT, one of Air Baltics Dash8-Q400 aircrafts to so far feature the updated livery. This aircraft was first delivered to the airline on the last day of April 2013, and will no probably stay with them until replaced by presumably a new twinjet from Bombardier, the CS300, but this is still a few years away.

              SX-DIP this 25-year-old ATR 72 was originally delivered to LOT in October 1992, after which she was transferred to Eurolot in January 2001 still under the same registration, SP-LFE. In August 2013, she was withdrawn from use and in April 2014, she started operating for Astra Airlines with name “Nicolaos” and registration SX-DIP.
              SX-DIR, a 26-year-old ATR 42-300 originally delivered to NFD Luftverkehrs AG as D-BJJ in January 1992 it has since then seen operations with four other airlines before joining Astra Airlines in May 2015 and was named “Theofilos”.

              OE-LDG, aircraft named Tbilisi and with Austrian since January 2006. It was for a short while stored at Vienna between May and October 2009 and now features the new Austrian livery.
              OE-LWJ is a 6-year-old Embraer 195, originally delivered to Lufthansa Cityline wearing the registration D-AEBL. It was transferred to Austrian in August 2016 as part of the replacement of the old Fokker aircraft.

              OE-LGD, one of Austrians Dash8-Q400 named “Steiermark”, is an almost 18-year-old aircraft originally delivered to Tyrolean, but later transferred to Austrian keeping its old registration until this day but in a new livery.
              OE-LWH is another Austrian Embraer 195, also transferred from Lufthansa CityLine in 2016 after a short storage period from October 2015 at Cologne, and does today feature the Star Alliance livery. Previous registration of this 6-year-old aircraft was D-AEBJ with Lufthansa CityLine.

              G-BZFP, based in Glasgow it is now operated by Loganair for FlyBe, but have before this been operated for and by British Airways, Aloha Island Air and Avmax. It had a small incident in March 2007, whilst taxiing after landing, the lower section of the nose landing gear, including the wheel, detached from the nose leg. This resulted from corrosion damage to the screw threads of a lock nut used to secure the wheel fork to the lower extremity of the sliding element of the oleo strut.

              OO-SFO, a 24-year-old Airbus A330-300 operated by Brussels Airlines, it has worn this registration since November 12th, 1997, but is now with its fourth airline in its life, and third with this particular registration. She was originally delivered to Air Inter in February 1994, but after their merger with Air France, she was sold to Sabena. She served for a few years with SN Brussels before this became Brussels Airlines. Between June 2014 and April 2015, she also wore the special “Belgian Red Devils” livery.

              VQ-BHD, one of seven Boeing 737s in the Kuban Airlines fleet and delivered in 2010. Before this, it joined with Continental from 1995, Buzz and Ryanair in 2003 and bmibaby in 2005. It now operators with Belavia since 2012 with registration EW-336PA.

              D-AINA, the first Airbus A320NEO for Lufthansa, but also the first A320NEO to be delivered when Lufthansa welcomed her in January 2016, she had a small incident at Charles de Gaul last year when she ended up of the taxiway but were pulled out without any serious damage.

              EI-FYA and EI-FYB are the first two new Boeing 737 MAX8 aeroplanes delivered to Norwegian, today based in Ireland, they regularly operate on transatlantic flights to the US, but do visit Oslo on occasions as well. EI-FYA feature English the aviation entrepreneur “Sir Freddie Laker” on the tail, and EI-FYB the Irish explorer “Tom Crean”. Both aircraft were delivered on June 29th, 2017.
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                XX476 built in and delivered in 1978 to the Royal Navy. Retired a few years ago and now preserved Hermeskeil.

                HB-JBB is the second CS100 for Swiss, and was delivered on August 12th, 2016, with the name “Canton du Genève”.
                HB-JCB is also a second for Swiss, but of the larger CS300. No name has yet been given to the aircraft, but might receive one in the future. Delivery was on July 7th, 2017.

                G-POWD the sole Boeing 767 in Titan Airways and now featuring their new livery and joined them at the end of 2009. It was originally delivered to Japanese Skymark as JA767D in 2003.


                Futura Boeing 737-800 N977RY
                OpenSkies Boeing 767-300 F-HILU

                N977RY a 14-year-old 737-800 belonging to Futura, it has been leased on a number of occasions to Ryan International, Primera Air, Sunwings and others.

                F-HILU, a 27-year-old aircraft first delivered to British Airways in May 1990 as G-BNWI, it flew with BA until July 2016 when it was transferred to French OpenSkies, as the only 767 operated by the company. Will sadly though be retired later this year as Level takes over the operations for OpenSkies at Paris Orly.

                Please enjoy
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                  Hello guys!

                  January is almost at an end, but one more update to the European custom thread is still possible. Still only filed with models from last autumn, but nothing else wrong with them from the late update to the thread. This time including the following.


                  Austrian Airlines Airbus A320 “Star Alliance”
                  Czech Airlines ATR 42-400
                  Eurowings Airbus A319
                  Norwegian Boeing 737-800
                  Scandinavian Airlines Airbus A319
                  SAS Snowflake Boeing 737-800
                  SAS Snowflake McDonnell Douglas MD-82
                  Swiftair ATR 72-200
                  TAP Air Portugal Airbus A320 “Star Alliance”

                  OE-LBZ, built in 2012 and delivered to Lufthansa as D-AIZL with the name Esslingen on June 13th, 2012. It was transferred to Austrian Airlines in October 2016, painted in Star Alliance livery, and named Obertauern.

                  OK-AFE, a 22-year-old plane built in late 1995 and delivered to Czech Airlines in March 1996 and named Kolin. It returned to ATR in November 2005 and leased to Conviasa in May 2006 with registration YV1009. However, not in service anymore.

                  D-ABGS, an eight-year-old Airbus A319 originally delivered to Air Berlin in April 2009 with registration D-ABGS. It was reregistered to OLT Express Poland in 2012 as SP-IBA and returned to Air Berlin later that same year. In February 2017, it was leased by Eurowings and painted in this livery. After Air Berlin, ended operations last year it was then stored in Budapest for a month, sold to Ceska Letecka Service in December, and will probably enter service with the Hungarian Air Force later this year.

                  LN-NOB, built in 2008, it was originally due to enter service with Indian SpiceJet, and however, as they did not take it up, it was instead sold to Norwegian with this registration and painted Edvard Grieg. It was transferred to Norwegian International in 2015 and received the Irish registration EI-FHF.
                  It is now in service with Aeromexico since August 2016 with registration XA-AMW.

                  OY-KBP, one of four Airbus A319s in Scandinavian Airlines fleet. Built and delivered to Scandinavian Airlines in 2006 and named Viger Viking.

                  LN-RPN delivered to Scandinavian Airlines in November 2000 as Bergafora Viking. It was transferred to their Low-Cost subsidiary in 2003 and operated for them until the folding of the company in 2006 when returned to the mainline fleet.
                  LN-ROU delivered to Scandinavian Airlines in 1986 with registration SE-DFX. It has seen operations with five other companies during its 31 years and worn four registrations. With registration SE-DFX: Scandinavian Airlines, Nordic East and Scanair, N840RA: Reno Air, LN-ROU with Scandinavian Airlines and Snowflake and finally N420NV with Allegiant Air.

                  EC-KAD, a 1990 ATR 72-200, delivered to Corse Mediterranee in June 1990 with registration F-GKPC. Transferred to CCM Airlines in 2002, sold to Swiftair in 2007, and received the registration EC-KAD. It has since then also seen operations with Maya Island Air and Antrak Air.

                  CS-TNP, this 13-year-old A320 was originally delivered to Air Malta in 2004 with registration 9H-AER, leased to Vueling from December 2004 to March 2005. It was bought by TAP Air Portugal in 2006 and painted in Star Alliance livery. It is named “Alexandre O’Neill and was retrofitted with sharklets in October 2016.


                  Blue1 Boeing 717-200 “Star Alliance”
                  FlyBe Nordic ATR 72-500
                  NoRRA ATR 72-500
                  Scandinavian Airlines ATR 72-600

                  OH-BLN, Built-in late 1999 and delivered to Olympic Aviation on December 29th, 1999 with registration SX-BOB, it was transferred to Olympic Airlines in four years later. In July 2007, it was taken up by Spanair with registration EC-KHX and were in service with them until 2010 when delivered to Blue1 and painted in the Star Alliance livery. After Blue1 phased out the Boeing 717, it was acquired by Cobham Aviation and now in operation with QantasLink with registration VH-YQX.

                  OH-ATJ Delivered to Finncomm Airlines on October 23rd, 2008. Transferred to FlyBe Nordic in 2011 with the same registration. After the acquisition of FlyBe Nordic by Finnair, the airline was finally renamed NoRRA (Nordic Regional Airlines) in 2015.
                  OH-ATH Similar history to Oh-ATJ, Delivered to Finncomm Airlines on November 15th, 2007. Transferred to FlyBe Nordic in 2011 with the same registration. Transferred to NoRRA (Nordic Regional Airlines) on July 16th, 2015.

                  ES-ATD Scandinavian Airlines ATR 72-600 Built and delivered in 2014 to Jettime as OY-JZF and operated for Scandinavian Airlines. When the contract with Jettime was ended in 2017, the aircraft was taken up by Estonian Nordica and registered ES-ATD, still operating for Scandinavian Airlines.


                  Air Berlin Bombardier Dash8-Q400

                  D-ABQQ, Delivered to SkyWork Airlines in April 2008 as HB-JGA. Taken up by LGW in March 2015 and registered D-ABQQ after SkyWork ended operation of the type in 2013. LGW operated the aeroplane for Air Berlin in this “albino” livery until the defunct of the airline in late when instead started operation for Eurowings.

                  Please enjoy
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                    Good morning!

                    A new month, and time for a new update to the European customs thread. This time I have the following to publish.


                    Adria Airways Bombardier CRJ-700
                    Adria Airways Bombardier CRJ-700
                    Eastern Airways Embraer E170
                    easyJet Airbus A320SL
                    easyJet Airbus A320SL
                    Eurowings Airbus A320 “Boomerang Club”
                    Eurowings Europe Airbus A320 “Eurowings Holidays”
                    Intersky ATR72-600
                    Intersky Bombardier Dash8-300
                    Olympic Air Bombardier Dash8-Q400

                    S5-AAY, a 15-year-old CRJ-700 originally delivered to Lufthansa CityLine in 2003-registered D-ACPM and named Heidenheim an der Brenz. Lufthansa phased out the airframe in 2015 and taken up by Adria Airways in January 2016.
                    S5-AAV, originally destined for Iraqi Airways with registration YI-AQJ, however, not taken up. Adria picked up the frame in May 2014 and painted in Star Alliance livery in December 2016.

                    G-CIXV, first registered as B-KXC with Hong Kong Express in 2005, it joined Kenya Airways in 2007 as 5Y-KYK, and is now since October 2016 worn British registration G-CIXV with Eastern Airways. It is one of two E170 in the Eastern fleet, but the only one in the full livery.

                    G-EZON delivered to easyJet in May 2015 as the 99th A320 to join EasyJet.

                    G-EZWG a 5-year-old Airbus A320 built in September 2012 and delivered to EasyJet in October the same year. It was retrofitted with sharklets in April 2014, now also named Barcelona.

                    D-AEWM built in August 2016 in Toulouse and delivered to Eurowings on September 15th, 2016. It was painted in the special “Boomerang Club” livery in December 2016.

                    OE-IQD built in Hamburg and delivered to the German Eurowings as D-AEWE in April 2016. It was transferred to Austrian Eurowings Europe in April of last year and painted in the “Eurowings Holidays” special livery.

                    OE-LIC a Bombardier Dash8-300 built first delivered to Augsberg Airways in January 1998 as D-BHAS. It later flew with Royal Wings as JY-RWD in 2002 and was bought by InterSky in 2006. After service with the Austrian Airline for a little more than nine and a half-year, it was retired in November 2015 and is today operating with Maldivian as 8Q-IAT.
                    OE-LID an ATR built in 2013 originally from Caribbean Airlines as 9Y-TTI, however, never joined their fleet and instead joined InterSky in April 2013. Flew for InterSky until November 2015 when flown to storage at Monchengladbach. It was taken up by Air France subsidiary, HOP! In May 2017 and now flies under the registration of F-HOPA.

                    SX-OBA, This Bombardier Dash8-Q400 was delivered to the current Olympic Air, subsidiary to Aegean Airlines on August 23rd, 2009. Built in Toronto, it was ferried had a long way to Greece with a shortstop in the UK for registering to MIG Aviation. Route was
                    Toronto – Goose Bay – Reykjavik – Birmingham – Norwich – Corfu – Athens.


                    LTU Süd Boeing 767-300
                    Star Air Boeing 767-200 (x2)

                    D-AMUR delivered to the German airline LTU Süd in February 1989 and transferred to LTU in 1997. It was bought by Hawaiian Airlines in May 2002-registered N585HA and named Noio. She was stored in Goodyear in August 2013 and broken up in February 2014.

                    OY-SRF, first delivered to Air New Zealand in March 1986 as ZK-NBB, converted to freighter in May 2004 and delivered to Star Air in April 2005. Seen here in the old livery but is today flying in the new livery.
                    OY-SRH, a younger aircraft than her sister OY-SRF, but has seen service with many more airlines. She was built in March 1989 and delivered to Britannia Airways as G-BPFV, leased to TACA in 1994. Bought by Air Europa in 1996 and registered EC-GHM when entering service. She flew for Excel Airways and Nigeria Airways between 2001 and 2005 when operated by Air Atlanta Icelandic. Converted to a freighter in 2005 and joined Star Air July the same year. It too operates in the new livery today.


                    Atlantic Airways Avro RJ100

                    OY-RCC, first operated by Crossair from September 1999 and Swiss from March 2002 with registration HB-IYX. She joined Atlantic Airways on October 25th, 2005 and flew with the Faroe Island-based airline until August 2014 when transferred to Malmö Aviation as SE-RJI. She still operates under the Swedish registration today, but for the new BRA (Braathens Regional Airlines).

                    Please enjoy
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                      Good evening,

                      A new update of customs for the Europe thread, all completed during the autumn months of 2017. This time including the following.


                      Loganair DHC6 Twin Otter G-SGTS
                      LTU Airbus A320
                      LTU Airbus A321

                      G-SGTS, built in 2014 she is owned by Loganair and features this Scottish blue and white livery.

                      Around the Merger of Air Berlin and LTU, some of the LTU aeroplanes were pained in the later Air Berlin livery style livery. However, the A320 and A321 were not among these, but as if so, this was probably how these aeroplanes would have looked.


                      British Air Ferries BAF Handley Page Herald G-ASVO
                      British Airways Boeing 747-400 “World Tail” G-BNLJ
                      Channel Express Handley Page Herald G-GNSY

                      G-ASVO was originally built in 1964 and later flew for among other British Air Ferries, Channel Express and British Midland. Seen here is how she looked at the British Air Ferries colours.

                      G-BNLJ, Delivered to British Airways in May 1990 and featured the “Ndebele Martha” livery during the BA world tails era. In October 2016, it was withdrawn from service after 26 years, 4 months and 9 days of service, and now stored at Teruel.

                      G-GNSY, built in 1968 she flew with this registration when operated for Channel Express in the 1980s and 1990s. She also wore the registrations of G-BFRK, I-ZERD and 4X-AHN during her life.


                      KLM Cityhopper Fokker F100 PH-OFJ
                      Lufthansa Boeing 737-300 D-ABEH
                      Scandinavian Airlines System SAS (Flygande Veteraner) Douglas DC-3 SE-CFP x16

                      PH-OFJ a KLM Cityhopper Fokker F100 that flew with the airline for 7 years of it's 21 and a half-year life. It was delivered to Inter-Canadien in Jan 1989, with registration C-FICB, after this she wore three more registrations but with nine airlines, F-GIOV from October 1991 to Jan 1996, when re-registered to G-UKFJ and flew with this registration until Mars 2003 when given its last registration with KLM Cityhopper.

                      D-ABEH was delivered to Lufthansa in 1991, named “Bad Kissingen” and flew for Lufthansa Express between 1992 and 1994. After 25 years and 14 days, she was retired and ferried to Orlando Sandford nine days later.

                      SE-CFP featured a few times previously in my treads, but here are another 16 new copies of this old beauty. Still going strong after 75 years. It had an unfortunate engine failure last year on its way to England for the Duxford flying legends and had to return to Lelystad, the Netherlands for a complete engine change. Back in the air after just a few weeks and have her heading set for a new try at the air show this year.

                      Condor Boeing 757-300 D-ABOH

                      D-ABOH, an 18-year-old 757-300 with Condor. Delivered in Mars 1999, she has since then seen service with Condor, but also Thomas Cook and Transavia.

                      Please enjoy
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                        Good morning,

                        With a new month, it’s time for a new update to the European customs thread. This time we have some new models from both north and south of the continent.


                        Aegean Airlines Airbus A321 (x3)
                        Alrosa Tupolev Tu-154
                        S7 Airlines Embraer E170
                        Alitalia Cityliner Embraer E190
                        HOP! Bombardier CRJ-1000
                        LOT Polish Airlines Boeing 737-800

                        [img][/imgnine-strongthree of the nine strong fleet of Airbus A321 of Greek airline Aegean.
                        SX-DVP, This nine-year-old A321-231 was delivered to Aegean in May 2008. Originally leased from ILFC, since 2014 it is now leased from AerCap.
                        SX-DGA, A 8-year-old A321-231 delivered to Aegean in April 2009. It today wears the sticker “” on her aft port side.
                        SX-DGP, This Airbus A321-231 was delivered to Aegean in March 2014. It previously operated with Kingfisher since November 2007 and was converted from an A321-232 to a -231 prior to delivery to the Greek airline.

                        RA-85684, Tupolev Tu-154M delivered to Aeroflot as CCCP-85684 in October 1990. After the fall of the USSR, reregistered RA-85684 in May 1993, still operating for Aeroflot. In November 1995, she was sold to Chitaavia and later to Alrosa in August 2000. This Tupolev Tu-154 lost all electrical power and made an emergency landing at Izhma airfield. The aircraft was damaged after overshooting the runway, but flown to Samara in March 2011 for repairs and returned to service in June that same year. She is seen here in the new livery or Alrosa that was painted on this 28-year-old plane in late 2015.

                        VQ-BBO, first Embraer E170 delivered to S7 Siberian Airlines in April 2017. She has flown with MidAtlantic Airways from 2004 until 2006 when operated for US Airways Express, and later Republic Airlines from 2006 until 2016, then operated for US Airways Express and American eagle under Registration N802MD and fleet number 802.

                        EI-RND, the 6-year-old Embraer E190 in SkyTeam livery with Alitalia Cityliner. Delivered on March 12th, 2012 and named “Parco Nazionale Dolomiti Bellunesi”.

                        F-HMLC, 7-year-old Bombardier CRJ-1000, delivered to Brit Air in January 2011 and operated for Air France. In early 2013, she received the new HOP! livery.

                        SP-LWB, second Boeing 737-89P delivered to LOT Polish Airlines in 2017. She was originally delivered as B-5086 to China Eastern on April 5th, 2005.


                        Blue1 Boeing 717-200
                        Finnair Embraer E170
                        Finnair Embraer E190
                        FedEx Feeder Fokker F27

                        OH-BLG, 17-Year-old Boeing 717 originally delivered to AeBal (Spanair Link) in June 2000 with registration EC-HNY. She flew with Germanwings and Quantum Air under the same registration. Registered to Blue1 in 2010 as OH-BLD and painted in the “Blue Flow” livery. After Blue1 retired the 717 in 2014, she was sold to Volotea and registered EC-MEZ.

                        OH-LEK, delivered to Finnair in 2006 and flew with Finncomm and FlyBe Nordic before being retired in December 2015 and later broken up in 2016 at Cotswold.
                        OH-LKE, delivered to Finnair in December 2006, this 11-year-old Embraer E190 is now deployed on the Finnair European network.

                        OO-FEA, Built 1968, this Fokker F27 was delivered to TAA – Trans Australian Airlines in June 1968 as VH-TQN and number “John Batman”, Bought by SAS – Scandinavian Airlines System in November 1984, registered OY-KAC and named “Vagn Viking”. In September 1989 ServisAir bought the aircraft and registered it OO-FEA, she operated for FedEx Feeder in Europe taken up by Iona National Airways in March 1991 and registered EI-FEA. A year later she was moved to the USA when started operating for Empire Airlines as N729FE, still operating for FedEx. She is still active today flying with PT Air Maleo as PK-ZMV since April 2010 in Indonesia.


                        Alitalia Boeing 777-300ER

                        EI-WLA, The first and sole Boeing 777-300ER in the fleet of Alitalia. This 777-3Q8(ER) was originally delivered to Air Austral in May 2009 as F-ONOU; she was leased to Garuda Indonesia in late 2014. After being withdrawn from use November 16th, 2016, she was flown to storage at Tarbes Lourdes, France. Alitalia acquired the plane in September 2017 and she entered service December 4th, 2017.

                        Please enjoy
                        Aircraft enthusiast and custom maker


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                          Hello everyone,

                          For a small update in the customs section, I have some new European customs to showcase.


                          Atlantic Airways Airbus A319
                          Astra Airlines ATR 42
                          Astra Airlines ATR 72
                          Nordica Bombardier CRJ-700
                          Nordica Bombardier CRJ-900 (x2)
                          NoRRA ATR 72-500
                          Rossiya Boeing 777-300
                          Swiss Avro RJ100
                          Ukraine International Boeing 737-500
                          Ural Airlines Airbus A319 (x2)
                          VIM Airlines Boeing 777-200

                          OY-RCI, destined for Mexicana in 2009, and to be registered XA-MXR, she was instead delivered to Olympic Air in June 2009 and registered SX-OAJ. In October 2013, she joined the fleet of Atlantic Airways as OY-RCI, named after the painter “Ingalvur av Reyni” and is now based out of the airlines based in Vagar, Faroe Islands.

                          SX-DIP this 25-year-old ATR 72 was originally delivered to LOT in October 1992, after which she was transferred to Eurolot in January 2001 still under the same registration, SP-LFE. In August 2013, she was withdrawn from use and in April 2014, she started operating for Astra Airlines with name “Nicolaos” and registration SX-DIP.
                          SX-DIR, a 26-year-old ATR 42-300 originally delivered to NFD Luftverkehrs AG as D-BJJ in January 1992 it has since then seen operations with four other airlines before joining Astra Airlines in May 2015 and was named “Theofilos”.

                          A trio of small Estonian CRJ models, after the bankruptcy of Estonian Air in 2015, a new flag carrier was set up to operate out of the Estonian capital. They operate a fleet of nine Bombardier CRJ-900 and two CRJ-700 aircraft as well as five ATR-600 for SAS. Operations started without their own AOC and were initially conducted using Adria Airways AOC. After a year, the airline changed the AOC usage to the AOC of LOT Polish Airlines.
                          ES-ACF, 15-year-old Bombardier CRJ-700 delivered to Lufthansa CityLine in February 2003 as D-ACPO and named “Spaichingen”. In 2014, she was sold to Estonian Air but withdrawn from use in November 2015. Since March 2016, she has been operating for Nordica in this livery version only applied to the CRJ-700.
                          ES-ACC, a 7-year-old Bombardier CRJ-900 delivered to Estonian Air in January 2011, she started operating for Nordica in April 2016 and is painted in the CRJ-900 full version of the Nordica livery.
                          ES-ACI, 12-year-old Bombardier CRJ-900 originally with Air Nostrum from July 2006 and registered EC-JTT, leased to SAS during mid-2016, and sold to Nordica in March 2017. One of four CRJ-900 in this version of the LOT/Nordica hybrid livery.

                          OH-ATH, delivered to Finncomm Airlines on November 15th, 2007. Transferred to FlyBe Nordic in 2011 with the same registration. Transferred to NoRRA (Nordic Regional Airlines) on July 16th, 2015.

                          EI-UNP, Delivered to Singapore Airlines in December 1998 and withdrawn from use in 2011. Transaero took delivery of the plane in March 2012, and flew here until bankruptcy in 2015 and stored at Teruel until delivered to Rossiya in August 2016, same registration as when with Transaero, but also named after the city of “Magadan”. Renamed in February 2017 to “Ussuiysk, and pained with the “Far Eastern Leopard” nose colours.

                          HB-IYS, a 17-year-old Avro RJ100 delivered to Cityflyer Express (later British Airways CitiExpress, and BA Connect) in February 2001 and operated by British Airways with registration G-CFAE. Swiss acquired the aircraft in March 2006 and painted it in “Zurich Airport Shopping Paradise”. After retirement from Swiss in September 2016, she was stored at Cranfield, England until January 17th, 2018, when bought by Mohamed Ahmed Elobeid and registered M-ABKZ.

                          UR-GAS, originally delivered to Air France in March 1993 and registered F-GJNK, sold to Ukraine international in February 2006 and leased to Adria Airways from 2006 till 2009. Returned to Ukraine International in November 2009 and fitted with winglets at the same point.

                          The fifth largest Airline in Russia today, Ural Airlines operates a fleet of 43 aircraft of the Airbus A320 family. They are to take delivery of two A321NEO/LR aircraft in 2019 and are planning to acquire five Airbus A330-300. Here we see two small Airbus A319 of the airline.
                          VQ-BTY, Delivered to Skybus Airlines in March 2008 as N502SX but already in August the same year, acquired by Pakistan AirBlue as AP-BIE. Ural Airlines picked up this aircraft on May 14th, 2014.
                          VP-BTF, 15-year-old Airbus A319-112 delivered to Skyservice as C-GTDT, leased to Skybus in 2007 as N552SX. Gulf Air operated this aircraft from October 2008 until acquired by Ural Airlines in mid-2013.

                          VP-BVX, Delivered to Singapore Airlines in August 1998 as 9V-SRD, in September 2010 it was picked up by Russian carrier Transaero Airlines. After the bankruptcy of Transaero in 2015, it was stored in Teruel from December 2015 until July 2016, and later from July 2016 till December that same year in Singapore. VIM Airlines took delivery of the plane in December 2016, but after less than a year in service with the airline, it was withdrawn from use with the bankruptcy of VIM, and it is now again stored in Teruel.

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                            A new update to the European customs thread. This time we have some older planes from the last century.


                            Pobeda Boeing 737-800
                            Air Greenland Airbus A330-200
                            Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737-900
                            easyJet Airbus A319
                            Aer Lingus Regional ATR 72-60

                            VQ-BTH originally destined for Dobrolet in 2014 but not taken up. Aeroflot received the aircraft in early December 2014 and placed her with new low-cost subsidiary Pobeda in late December that same year.

                            OY-GRN, this 19-year-old Airbus A330-223 was originally delivered to Sabena as OO-SFP in September 1998 and operated by the airline until November 2001 when closed down. Air Greenland picked up the aeroplane in August 2002 and named her Norsaq. She is today operating on the route between Copenhagen and Kangerlussuaq five times a week.

                            UR-PSL, 9-year-old Boeing 737-94X delivered to Turkish Sky Airlines in June 2009 as TC-SKP and named “Kapadokya”. She was taken out of service in June 2013 and picked up by Ukraine International Airlines in July that same year.

                            G-EZGA, an easyJet Airbus A319-111 delivered to the airline on August 27th, 2010 and named “Pride of Lisbon”.

                            EI-FNA, a 2-year-old ATR 72-600, she was delivered to Stobart Air in April 2016 to be operated by Aer Lingus and named “St Abban“


                            Channel Express Lockheed Electra
                            Hunting Cargo Lockheed Electra
                            Hunting Cargo Vickers Vanguard

                            G-CHNX, Lockheed Electra delivered to Eastern Air Lines in July 1959 as N5535 and served with the airline until 1977. She flew with multiple American airlines before joining Iona National in 1993 and is registered EI-CHO and later G-CHNX with Channel Express in 1994. Scraped in 2003 at Bournemouth but the nose section was moved to Pershore for preservation.

                            EI-CET, a Lockheed Electra delivered to Northwest Airlines in June 1961 as N138US and fleet number 138. She was later bought by Air Florida in 1974 and converted to freighter in 1977. After conversion, she was sold to Fleming International Airways and later CAM Air, named Susan Elizabeth and registered N668F. She saw service with Spirit of America from 1986 until being acquired by EI Air Exports, later Hunting Cargo in July 1992 and registered EI-CET. In 1999 she was re-registered as G-LOFE with Atlantic Airlines and has since 2013 been with Buffalo Airways as C-GZFE, however, now stored.
                            G-APES, built 56 years ago, this Vickers Vanguard was delivered to BEA – British European Airways in early 1962 and later converted to freighter in April 1970. She was transferred to British Airways in 1974 prior to the merger of BOAC and BEA. She later flew with Air Bridge Carriers from 1979 and was finally acquired by Hunting Cargo in August 1992. She is since 1995 history as she has been broken up, and the only remaining relics of her is her nose section, which has been preserved at Nottingham.

                            D-AECH, seven-year-old Embraer E190LR, delivered to Lufthansa CityLine in August 2010. Aircraft is operated by Lufthansa Regional and named Alzey.


                            FedEx Feeder Fokker F27

                            OO-FEA, Built 1968, this Fokker F27 was delivered to TAA – Trans Australian Airlines in June 1968 as VH-TQN and number “John Batman”, Bought by SAS – Scandinavian Airlines System in November 1984, registered OY-KAC and named “Vagn Viking”. In September 1989 ServisAir bought the aircraft and registered it OO-FEA, she operated for FedEx Feeder in Europe taken up by Iona National Airways in March 1991 and registered EI-FEA. A year later she was moved to the USA when started operating for Empire Airlines as N729FE, still operating for FedEx. She is still active today flying with PT Air Maleo as PK-ZMV since April 2010 in Indonesia.

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                              Good morning everyone

                              A new update with some European customs, this time I’ve focused tot he 1:500 and 1:400 scale, and mostly northern Europe, with a few from the centre and south.


                              Air Serbia Airbus A319
                              TUIfly Boeing 737-800 “Robinson”
                              Iberia Regional Bombardier CRJ-900
                              Iberia Regional Bombardier CRJ-1000
                              Atlantic Airlines Boeing 737-300F
                              Aer Lingus Airbus A320 (x2)

                              YU-APC, This aircraft was originally delivered to Kingfisher Airlines in December 2005. After the bankruptcy of Kingfisher, Air Serbia picked up this Airbus A319-131 in the autumn of 2013. She was painted in Air Serbia livery in Dublin and fitted with her new interior in Dusseldorf, before delivered to the airline in October 2013 and named “Novak Djokovic”.

                              D-ATUI, the third aircraft to wear this registration, this is line number 3554, delivered to TUIfly in February 2011 as a 737-8K5. She was painted in this “Robinson Club Resort” livery in December 2015.

                              EC-MLC, Bombardier CRJ-1000 delivered to Air Nostrum in June 2016 and operated for Iberia Regional. She is named “Emilio Serratosa”.
                              EC-JZT, delivered to Air Nostrum in January 2007 and operated for Iberia Regional, she was painted in the new Iberia livery in early 2014.

                              G-JMCM, Delivered to Tradewinds on July 30th, 1990, this 27-year-old Boeing 737-3Y0 has seen operations with SilkAir (9C-TRA), Cronus Airlines (SX-BGK), Aegean Airlines (SX-BGK) and Swiftair (EC-KRA) before joining Atlantic Airlines fleet in April 2012.

                              EI-DIE, Delivered to Aer Lingus in February 2005 and named “St Oliver Plunkett“, she operated for Virgin Atlantic during their “little red” operation between 2013 and 2015 as “Maggie May”. When returned to Aer Lingus in October 2015 she was renamed St Cornelius and painted in the “Irish Rugby Team” livery.
                              EI-DEK, a 13-year-old Airbus A320-214 delivered to Aer Lingus on March 24th, 2005 and named St Eunan.


                              Finnair Airbus A320
                              Scandinavian Airlines SAAB 2000
                              Scandinavian Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-80
                              Danish Air Transport Airbus A320

                              OH-LXC, 16-year-old Airbus A320-214, first flew in July 2001 and delivered to Finnair on September 7th, 2001. Seen here wearing the old Finnair livery replaced in by the current in 2010.

                              SE-KXK, A 23-year-old SAAB 2000, originally delivered to Crossair April 1st, 1995 with registration HB-IZI. It flew with this registration with Crossair and later Swiss until 2004 when leased to Euro Continental and registered F-GOZI. In 2006, Swedish Golden Air bought the aircraft and registered it
                              SE-KXK. It was transferred to Braathens Regional (BRA) in 2013. From May 2014 until March 2016, she was one of the SAAB 2000 leased by SAS, but the only to be painted in the SAS colours, only difference, and a white fuselage instead of beige. In August 2016, Braathens regional retired SE-KXK, and she was then picked up by Cyprian airline Tus Airways.

                              OY-KHE, Built February 1988, first flight March 12th and delivered so Scandinavian Airlines in April 1988. She flew with SAS from 1988 until 2014, with leases to both Reno Air (1993-1998) and Spanair (2005). She flew in Star Alliance colours from mid-2004. After retirement from Scandinavian Airlines, she was purchased be Delta in 2014 for use as a spare ship.

                              OY-JRZ, Delivered to TACA in November 2003 with registration N489TA, she was sold to Eurofly in 2009 and registered I-EEZP and later flew with Meridiana under the same registration. Danish Air Transport in May 2015 picked her up.

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