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Qantas Gay 330 Re Titled

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  • Qantas Gay 330 Re Titled

    After travelling on Qantas's Gay 300 VH-QPJ from SYD- MEL back in May, I had noticed they had re titled the QANTAS into the standard QF Titles instead of the Rainbow titles it previously carried. Having the Phoenix 1:400 model at home with the rainbow titles, I decided to have a go ad modifying my model & thus creating my first custom model.

    I simply brought some decal paper from Dr. Decal & Mr Hyde of ebay and printed the Qantas titles out numerous time to get the correct size. After a few attempts at sizing and getting the colors correct, this is what I ended up with. I could still notice that after placing the decals over the rainbow titles, I can still see some of the rainbow titles underneath, but only when looking from a very close distance.

    My next job would be to cover up the "official airliner partner" wording but that will be for a later date. I would love to know your thoughts everyone.

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