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Manchester - Terminal 2 Project 2013

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  • Manchester - Terminal 2 Project 2013

    Sounds like a major project. Keep us posted how it goes and looking forward to seeing the progress.

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    Hello fellow members,

    Since the ball has began rolling only this evening,
    I have decided to start this thread now because I want to let my thoughts and
    feeling out about this project before everything gets underway.

    This is 'THE' biggest project I will
    undertake out of all the airport's I have produced. This project will cover
    Terminal 2, across to the cargo ramp and also include part of Terminal 1 at
    Manchester Intl. Airport, England. Due to space restrictions, not all the
    buildings will be made but I will try to make what I can in the space I have

    Some facts about the development of this project include:
    <ul>[*]The ground colour will be painted a grey colour (like the shade seen on my
    'med' airport but maybe lighter depending on how it looks) [*]I will use Gemini Jets Airbridges at both Terminal 2, and the part of
    Terminal 1 [*]The buildings will be made using cardboard, layered on top of each other in
    sections which will then have printed walls so it looks as it is in real. [*]The board will measure 6ft x 4ft on a 3mm MDF peice. This means I should be
    able to do every part from the cargo ramp to Terminal 2 with the exception of a
    few tweaks in sizes of apron's, taxiways but not too much.[/list]If you
    would like to know more about this project, feel free to post a comment below or
    contact me via PM.
    Beatles fan!


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      Thanks Aviation Delight. Am I correct in thinking your name is Mark?

      Here is a quick glimpse on how the Terminal 1 region is coming on. I am now working beyond this onto the main area of Terminal 2.

      Beatles fan!


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        Looking forward to seeing this, it certainly will be big.


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