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  • My Int'l Terminal project

    These are some photos of my Int'l Terminal Project. It was a first attempt at building a terminal diorama and I've since then abandoned it. Like many married men, my hobbies are confined to the garage and the humidity ruined the foils. But I learned a lot about photography and low light conditions.. I have begun another project for a freight terminal/remote hardstand and I'm doing much better with this.. for one thing, no obnoxious jetways to deal with! I swear those things are so fragile..

    Anyway I'll upload some more in the future. I apologize for the small size, I wanted to make sure the file size was appropriate for this 'site.

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    That is a nice terminal, the size doesn't really bother me. How were you able to make the terminal building itself? The fleet you have is very LAX style but that AirBerlin you have is really nice (I've been looking for a while for an AirBerlin A330). Keep it up! Happy new years! (sorry it took so long to respond)

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      Originally posted by FireAngelZero View Post
      The fleet you have is very LAX style but that AirBerlin you have is really nice (sorry it took so long to respond)
      Happy New Year to you too Fire Angel! And thank you.. Yes, LAX is my original inspiration for all things aviation. The terminal is just a piece of wood that I added evergreen sheet styrene to; it was not very easy cutting the pieces to size. I also bought some small wooden shapes at Michael's craft store to give the roof some texture. Everything was sprayed with a Testors spray can before I applied window foils from SASMD90. I still have the terminal building, the ground foils have sadly been warped beyond repair.

      I would love to be able to 3D Print a Terminal one day using a CAD model. It's really not as hard as it sounds.. The people who resell 3D Printers can refer you to a boutique that will print it. It would probably require further detailing when completed, but no more difficult than making terminals out of wood. Anyway these can probably be drilled to accommodate the Gemini jet bridges. With the cost of the Gemini Terminal hovering around $200 I think it's worth trying 3D printing.

      Thank you re: Air Berlin A330! One of my favorite models Sometimes I forget I've already accumulated a fair amount of really cool a/c.


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        Very nice! Is there any location to where it "could be?" eg. Southern CA


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          Originally posted by Yellow_Ribbon View Post
          Very nice! Is there any location to where it "could be?" eg. Southern CA
          Interesting Question, I was at KHIO in Portland, OR (touring the Erickson MD87 project) when I noticed how much open space there was, and how many high tech businesses there are in the surrounding area (e.g., Intel, Nike). I asked the guys if they had ever envisioned commercial service from KHIO, i.e., a second airport for Portland on the western side of the greater metro area. They said they did not think so. I was inspired however: to make a long story short, I “scaled up” a diagram of KHIO for International and Freight service. So, my dioramas are based on those modified drawings of an existing airport.

          In reality Portland cannot sustain this type of Int’l throughput.. Lufthansa and Mexicana were here briefly and left; Icelandair is coming in June and I have my fingers crossed for them. But as with all hobbies, a little bit of fantasy blended with reality goes a long way


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            Indeed, nice terminal. Hillsboro is filling up what with intel's new fab and so on. The intel airline flies there (Embraer regional jets) but only to San Jose, and Chandler, Ariz. nothing international yet Thanks for the heads up on Icelandair! I somehow missed that. I look forward to going by to iceland for more photography and not having to go through Seattle. Not sure if it will sustain it though, as Portland isn't really that big of a city. We had direct flights to Tokyo on Delta a while ago, and I think we still have a flight to Amsterdam direct that is subsidized by one of the shoe companies I heard. Anyway, it's fun to blend fantasy with reality.


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              Very nice!


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                Nice airport! I am currently working on my own!


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                  Very nice airport!


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