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Evie: Commonwealth Games of Terror

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  • Evie: Commonwealth Games of Terror

    This is my first post here. That thread promises to be the first of its kind on this site. Never attempted before. My diorama is the setting of a small NATO airfield called EVIE. The thread will be an adventure series and I can safely say is the first of its kind...ever!

    Some the models are hand made from various kits. Others are purchased diecasts All the diorama scenes were carefully constructed. No professional software, no photoshop, no green screen techniques or the like. It was all real and hand created. I did use simple photo editor to erase suspension cords but that was about the totality of the editing.

    This series will have a hard hitting storyline that is slightly sensitive in modern day aviation but a stark reality of our times. I invite you to follow the series. All 19 parts of it! The thread dares to be different and unique. It may not be everyone's cup of tea but is hoping to inspire and evoke thought and wonder for those that care to view.

    I will release an 'episode' once every two weeks. So watch as the story unfolds. This project takes modelling to a different place. I call it Super Model Animation

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    It should be noted that all Characters, scenes and storylines appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, diorama figures, living, dead or plastic is purely coincidental.

    EPISODE 1: Hijack
    The scene is set in the past. At this time Michael Jackson was still alive, Saddam Hussain was still very much in power and the tragedy that was Sept 11th was just a year ago. The year is 2002. It is the year of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee and the year the Commonwealth Games was scheduled to be held in Manchester. Arrangements were underway and the opening ceremony was planned for 25th July. To herald the event, three commemorative 707 passenger planes were commissioned by Her Majesty to fly in Athletes and officials from various Commonwealth countries. One of these Charter flights was inbound from Vancouver International Airport. It seemed like just another ordinary morning...




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      TV News studios were only starting to receive initial information on what was unfolding. F-16s had been scrambled from Evie as part of the Quick Reaction Alert response as the Boeing passenger plane continued off its designated course. It was still unclear exactly what was unfolding, who was behind this or what their intentions were. The Fighters had to locate that plane and quickly if they wanted some answers




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        EPISODE 3: Manoeuvres
        The F-16s from Evie had intercepted the rogue 707 which was still heading off course towards London. The Fighters had already rocked their wings and lowered landing gear to gain the plane's attention to no avail. With the September 11th atrocities just a year old, no one needed reminding of the chaos a passenger plane could cause in a major city. Authorities had to get this situation under control




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          EPISODE 4: Escort
          A fighter pilot's worst nightmare is an order to shoot down a civilian airliner full of passengers and on this occasion the nightmare was all so close to becoming reality. With a shoot down order from Number 10 given and with just seconds to spare the 707 changed course and complied with their orders to land. The jets escorted the plane towards Evie Air Base. They knew that the sooner this plane was on the ground the better.


          EPISODE 4: ESCORT


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            EPISODE 5: Lockdown

            Following a very tense mid-air intercept the hijacked 707 was escorted and forced to land at Evie Air Base. The plane sat quietly on the runway. First responders were just arriving and Authorities knew they had to quickly establish a perimeter, lock down the base and make contact with the hijackers before anyone got hurt. Additional police response teams were on route to the base. Meanwhile, several news media outlets saw this as an opportunity to set up on location for live TV broadcast as events started to unfold.


            EPISODE 5: LOCKDOWN


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              At long last the final episode...

              THE FINALE: Operation- Thundering Herd

              With the Authorities patience wearing thin, the decision was made to take action and save lives. The Plane had been turned around indicating a possible planned departure. They knew they had to act now to save the hostages. Through intelligence, the Terror cell's secret hideout was also located and US specialist teams were invited over to assist with that part of the operation. It was now or never. Operation 'Thundering Herd' was approved just as dawn was breaking.

              NOTE: All effects are made using real life mini-pyrotechnics. No photoshop or digital imagery

              Click image for larger version

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              THE FINALE: Operation 'THUNDERING HERD'


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