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  • Pointers for my build

    Hello everyone,

    As my 200 scale collection keeps growing I have decided to undertake a very risky but if done properly, a beautiful replica of Pan Am's Worldport in NY's JFK airport. I have seen that some "other collection sites" have users who have made the Pan Am Worldport but in 400 scale. I know that most of you will start thinking that space will be limited but due to the fact it will be 1:200 scale, I was aiming more for a cross section where I can display half of the terminal with the big 747's and other planes displayed and show an inside view with lights and figures to add a level of realism. The reason I'm posting is I wanted to get the input of some users, and since blueprints are hard to come by any tips or tricks you could think of that could assist me with this. I am trying to do this cross-section out of the regular materials of balsa wood for the structure, clear plastic sheeting for windows, and HO scale lighting and foliage to add that much more level of realism. Any opinions or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone!

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    Sounds amazing! Keep me posted on the progress of this project!


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