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1/200 scale airport suggestions (incomplete)

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  • 1/200 scale airport suggestions (incomplete)

    This is my 1/200 airport I have been working on for about a year and half now. It has 16 narrow-body gates (may add 1 more), and 13 wide-body gates, of which 2 are remote cargo. It is on itís second iteration as this year I decided to redo the ground layout with printouts from Mozart and Iím close to being done. The terminal and ATC tower were also built using wood and printouts. 2 jetways are jc-wings and the rest are tiny airport custom ones. Aside from the glaring lack of GSE, if anyone have any suggestions or features I could add to make it even better, if so I would greatly appreciate it.

    (I would post the images directly here but theyíre too bigí
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    This is definitely an amazing terminal!

    How big of a base did you need to set all these ups?

    While space is a premium for me at this time, this is definitely something I'd like to consider down the road.

    Thanks for the pictures though!

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      Thanks, it is 8 feet by 8 feet, made up of 2 4x8 boards. So definitely large and not very space conservative

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