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is Aviation200 made by Witty Wings?

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  • is Aviation200 made by Witty Wings?

    I saw that Witty Wings will be closing down and I saw that Apollo is made by witty wings. I'm noticing that has a category for Aviation400/Witty Wings. Does that mean that Aviation 400 and Aviation200 models are made by Witty Wings?

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    I don't keep track of which company does which mould and how they all relate, maybe someone with better knowledge can confirm or refute this, but I was under the impression that Aviation 200 uses the Inflight 200 moulds to produce 'unlicenced' models?

    I sure hope they are not affected as I am waiting for my Aviation 200 - 1Time DC-9 to arrive.


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      The only like companies I know that use like molds are Gemini jets and JC wings. I'm assuming it's both the 1:200 and 1:400 scales. I'll do some research and if I find anything I'll let you know foundation

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        Thanks FireAngelZero and eugenevh.
        I tried some googling but came up with nothing (too many pages that are selling both brands)
        It'd be nice if we could post here or on a wiki page somewhere the brands that are from the same company and maybe the molds that are the same from different companies.

        The following are just my guesses (from a relative newbie) to prompt discussions:

        Aviation200, Aviation400
        Inflight200, inflight400, inflight500
        Witty Wings, Apollo
        AeroClassics, Blue Box
        Gemini 200, gemini jets, schuco
        JC Wings, Jet-x (same mold as gemini?)
        Herpa, Hogan
        Dragon Wings, Phoenix

        Are skymarks/risesoon the same company as flight miniatures?

        Where does big bird fit in? is magic done by the same company?
        how about hobby master?
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          How is the AV200 737-200 mould? I'm considering buying one.


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            Interesting topic!


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