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REVIEW: Air Canada Douglas DC-8-43 CF-TJK

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  • REVIEW: Air Canada Douglas DC-8-43 CF-TJK

    Air Canada Douglas DC-8-43 CF-TJK
    1/200 Scale (includes GSE)

    December 2017 Release

    When Trans-Canada Air Lines introduced DC-8's on transcontinental routes on April 1, 1960 and overseas on June 1, 1960, it cut flying time by nearly 50 per cent. Powered by four Rolls-Royce Conway engines, the DC-8 was capable of carrying a load of 133 passengers (including crew) at speeds of more than 550 mph. Modifications to the original aircraft and subsequent generations made it possible for this airplane to remain a member of the TCA/Air Canada Passenger fleet over a 23-year span to 1983.

    The Series 40 DC-8 was the first turbofan powered airliner in the world. Powered by Rolls Royce Conway turbofans, the DC8-40 was more fuel efficient and produced less noise and smoke. However, the Series 40 sold poorly due to American airlines resistance to purchasing a foreign produced engine. Air Canada purchased 11 DC-8-40 series aircraft with the first being delivered in February 1960. Total sales for the DC8-40 reached 32 with the only customers being Trans Canada Air Lines (later Air Canada), Alitalia and Canadian Pacific Airlines (later CP Air)

    The model is one of a many DC-8s recently released by AeroClassics 200 and represents the aircraft with the Air Canada paint scheme on a polished metal surface. Trans Canada Airlines was renamed Air Canada in 1965.

    A feature of the tooling is the deployable thrust reversers on the Rolls Royce Conway engines.

    A nice selection of metal ground support equipment and vehicles is provided with this release. An inflight display stand is NOT included but the model will fit any typical Gemini or JC wings stand.

    Overall a very nice model and a must for the Canadian Airline collection.


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