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  • Your WISHLIST for future models... :-)


    Could we start an "wishlist" thread for future 1:400 releases? Here comes my list:

    Airbus A300: VASP (delivery colors)
    Airbus A319: Avianca Brasil, Avianca Colombia, LAN and TAP (regular livery - re-release)
    Airbus A320: Avianca Brasil, Avianca Colombia, LAN and TAP (regular livery - re-release)
    Airbus A330-200: Air Madrid, TAM (2nd livery with "Orgulho de ser brasileira" titles),
    Airbus A330-300: Iberworld
    Airbus A340-600: Lufthansa (a new re-release, please!)
    Antonov AN-22: Aeroflot
    ATR-42/72: Azul, Pantanal, TRIP and ATR (prototypes)
    BAC 1-11: VASP, Sadia/TransBrasil and Brazilian Air Force (VIP)
    BAe146: Air Brasil, TABA and LAP
    BAe ATP: British Airways (Landor colors) and BAe (prototype)
    Boeing 707: Pluna, LAP, TAP (1985 colors), Brazilian Air Force (VIP colors), Independent Air and Fast Air Cargo (Chile)
    Boeing 717: Boeing (prototype)
    Boeing 727-100: VARIG Cargo, VARIGlog, Cruzeiro (delivery colors), LAB
    Boeing 727-200: VARIGlog, VASP (delivery and latest colors), VASPEx
    Boeing 737-200: VARIG 737-200 (all liveries), VASP (latest colors), VASPEx, Ladeco, TAP, Air Atlantis, Aerolineas Argentinas (old livery), Brazilian Air Force (VIP)
    Boeing 737-300: VARIG (all liveries), VASP, TransBrasil (both liveries), GOL, Pluna, Ladeco, Piedmont (N309P - used by Boeing for a demonstration tour in 1985) and Webjet (last livery)
    Boeing 737-400: VASP and TransBrasil
    Boeing 737-500: Rio-Sul and Aerolineas Argentinas
    Boeing 737-700: GOL, VARIG (previous and current liveries) and Aerolineas Argentinas
    Boeing 737-800: GOL and VARIG (previous and current liveries)
    Boeing 747-100: OrionAir/Lionair
    Boeing 747-200: Air France (re-release), VARIG (PP-VNW with P&W engines)
    Boeing 747-300: South African (old colors, re-release), VARIG (classic and Landor colors)
    Boeing 747-400: Air Pullmantur
    Boeing 757-200: Avianca Colombia, OceanAir, Pluna, Lan Chile, Ladeco and Fuerza Aerea Argentina
    Boeing 767-200: VARIG (classic, Landor, Star Alliance and latest colors), Avianca Colombia, Lan Chile, Monarch (old colors), SAS and BRA
    Boeing 767-300: VARIG (Landor and Star Alliance colors), Pluna, Iberia, Spanair, ABSA, EuroAtlantic, BRA and AviaJet
    Boeing 767-400: Delta (latest and pink/breast cancer livery), United (United/Continental merging colors)
    Boeing 777-200: Ceiba Intercontinental and Turkmenistan
    Boeing 777-300: TAAG Angola Airlines
    Douglas DC-3: VARIG, VASP, Cruzeiro, Panair do Brasil and Brazilian Air Force
    Douglas DC-4: VASP, Loide Aereo, Aerolineas Argentinas and Brazilian Air Force
    Douglas DC-6: VARIG, VASP, Panair do Brasil and Brazilian Air Force
    Douglas DC-7: Panair do Brasil
    Douglas DC-8-30: Pan Am, Panair do Brasil, SAS and Panagra
    Douglas DC-8-50: AeroPeru (all liveries), ACS (Canada), TCB and African International
    Douglas DC-8-62: Braniff (jellybeans with color tails and latest dark liveries), SAS, CargoSur (Spain), MGM Grand Air, AeroPeru (classic and latest colors), Rich International, Pegasus, NASA, Nationair (Canada), Skymaster, Arrow Air, Air Vias and DIGEX
    Douglas DC-8-61/63/71/73: VASP, German Cargo, AeroPeru, ABSA, BETA Cargo, Nationair (Canada), Surinam Airways, Cargolux, Arrow Air (green) and ATI
    Douglas DC-9-80 (MD-80): Cruzeiro, Aerolineas Argentinas and Avianca Colombia
    Douglas DC-10: Pluna, LAP, Lan Chile, Avensa and Cielos del Peru
    Embraer 190/195: all possible models! :-)
    Fokker F-27: Rio-Sul and TAM
    Fokker 50: Rio-Sul (old and VARIG liveries), TAM, OceanAir, Avianca Colombia and Fokker (prototype)
    Fokker 100: TAM (all liveries), Avianca Brasil, Avianca Colombia, Fokker (prototype)
    HS-748: VARIG and Brazilian Air Force
    Ilyushin IL-18: Cubana (old and last liveries) and AeroCaribbean
    Ilyushin IL-62: Cubana (old colors), Aeroflot (re-release), Interflug, EastLine, Luftwaffe, LOT (delivery colors), Ukraine Air Force and Gambia Air Force
    Lockheed L-188: LAP, VARIG (PP-VLA or PP-VLB with front cargo door)
    Lockheed Constellation: Panair do Brasil and TAP
    Lockheed L1011-1/100: AeroPeru (classic colors)
    Lockheed L1011-500: British Airways (Landor colors) and EuroAtlantic
    NAMC YS-11: Cruzeiro and VASP
    Tupolev TU-114: Aeroflot
    Tupolev TU-154: Cubana (old and current liveries) and Bulgarian Air Force
    Tupolev TU-204/205: any!
    Vickers Viscount: VASP, Pluna and Brazilian Air Force (VIP)

    Daniel R.Carneiro
    Aviation online's chief editor -

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    "This topic has been successfully changed to unapproved. Only admins and moderators can see this topic."

    Daniel R.Carneiro
    Aviation online's chief editor -


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      Not sure why this is happening, we're looking into it. Its not something we did, but now and then the system marks some as un-approved.


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        AirCal MD-82
        Air Hawaii DC-10-10
        Frontier ERJ-190
        Frontier MD-80
        Golden West Twin Otter
        Mexicana A318 (Final Colors)
        Pacific Northern 720-062
        Sun Country 727
        North Central CV-340
        United Express EMB-120 (Blue Tulip)
        Western CV-240, DC-3, DC-4, 720-062,
        WestJet 737-6CT


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          For existing moulds:

          - Local service airline Convairs - North Central, Frontier, Ozark, Central, Lake Central, Allegheny, Mohawk both 240/340s and 580s.
          - DC-9-10s for Air California, Allegheny, Bonanza, Hughes Airwest, Ozark, Eastern, TWA, West Coast and several others.
          - 707-100s for Pan Am and TWA
          - A re-release of the AirCal 737-300
          - PNA 720
          - Taloa Stratocruiser
          - American Flyers 727-100 and DC-8
          - Pacific Air Lines 727-100,
          - Republic (Grey) and Continental (Black Contrails) 727-200.

          There are a whole range of commuters in their own schemes which could be done using the existing ATR-42, Shorts 360, DHC-8 and Saab moulds.

          Moving to the UK I'm desperate for some more UK independent 748s, Viscounts and Heralds.
          - Lots of UK charter 757s but especially Air Europe and Monarch (old colours)
          - Dan Air A300, BAE 146
          - Britannia - Bristol Britannia

          For New Moulds:

          Martin 202/404s
          Shorts 330


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            Delta MD-88 / DC9 / 717
            Business Jets / Gulfstream / Dassault / Hawker
            More and varied GSE

            Besides this, they need to re-release some of the old ones that are selling for ridiculous amounts on eBay. KLM MD-11, Southwest 737-700, and others..


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              Some new models for my wishlist: American Airlines Boeing 767-300 and 777-300 in new colors plus LAN and TAM Airbus A320 with sharklets! :-)

              Daniel R.Carneiro
              Aviation online's chief editor -


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                Honestly.................................. since Aeroclassics just released the Air Greenland A330-200 ................................ i can now die a happy man !

                I want for nothing

                Agent P.


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                  Avianca A330-200 New mould
                  Avianca Brasil A319 and A320
                  Condor 767-300 Retrojet
                  Cruzeiro 737-200
                  FlyDubai 737-800
                  Delta 767-400
                  Delta MD88 new colors
                  Delta MD-90
                  LAN A319
                  LAN A320
                  Lufthansa 737-300/500
                  TAM F100
                  United 737-700
                  United 757-300
                  United 767-400


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                    I wish all manufacturers would stop releasing any new models. At least for a couple of months.

                    Just so that I can have time (more like enough funds) to catch-up on those that have already been released.
                    Having only started collecting fairly recently.

                    Or maybe I should encourage airlines I don't want to distract them a while, in order to let me catch up. Hmm. Plotting :-)


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                      good luck, most of us fail on trying to catch up or self restraint!


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                        Actually, if OpsManager reads this thread, then I spot another useful feature to add (but it would be quite a bit of programming involved).

                        A wishlist where new model manufacturer requests can be added and then people can vote on them which elevates them in the rankings. For new models, not existing ones.

                        The manufacturers (if they can be enticed to view/use it), would then be able to use that to see what people want.

                        In my mind this could be something which will elevate DIMA straight to the top of the pack of forums.

                        (Aeroclassics will probably stick to 400ScaleHanger, but who knows, maybe if that feature here gets so much use, then maybe even they will have to submit to pressure).

                        Or am I just wishing here?

                        The downside can be that American Airlines (or some suitably large carrier) gets 10 releases and poor South Africa gets 1 vote and never reaches anywhere close to the top.


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                          Austral DC-9, VASP A300 delivery colors, BMI 737-400 Diamond service livery, GOL 737-800 special liveries and PLUNA 707 / 732 very old liveries.


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                            I'm with Santos on the TAAG 777-300ER. Also would like to see GJ do the 777 for AA in the new livery. From PHX, I'd like to see Biman Bangladesh as well as Aeroflot 777's!


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                              Aviationcombr I'm sorry...............................


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