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  • Private aircraft in the works?

    I was just browsing through the database and noticed that there are no private aircraft in the 1:400 scale made by any of the largest manufacturers, Dragon, Gemini and others. Why is that? Not permited? Copyright issues? I know that Herpa has a 1:500 version of the Bandit (P4-MES) but nothing in the 1:400 scale. As a 767 collector I'd love to see the Bandit P4-MES, Googlejet and other neat private 767s, as well as BBJs and ACJs. Is there a possibility of seeing them being made?

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    I'd love to see it too Gustavok. As far as I know there aren't many. GJ released an ugly BBJ at one point, with very toy-like "BBJ" letters on the tail. The best candidate I've seen is the old euro white Miami Air Int'l 737-800. A q-tip w/ a little nail polish remover to the titles makes for a passable private jet.

    I'm guessing we don't see these for the same reason we don't see business jets: "insufficient demand". Although, I for one think private jets would provide a nice contrast for collectors - and especially for those who are not so much into the airlines as they are the airplanes.

    I'll take it a step further and say if we ever get Gulfstreams and Dassault business jets in 1/400 I would be a very, very, happy collector.


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