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Next Best Brand to Gemini Jets if not Better.

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  • Next Best Brand to Gemini Jets if not Better.

    I've had good and not so good luck with Gemini Jets in terms of quality. A few time's I've spent over $30.00 and had parts come off, paint fading, wings bent. While other times the quality has been quite good and worth the money. However, I also find they stop production in a short period of time. Can anyone recommend another brand that has the same kind of if not better quality, choice, and reasonable price? I'm looking for Delta and Delta Connection, American/American Eagle, and Porter, In the 1:400 or 1:500 scale.

    I Like Herpa but the choice they have is a bit limited.



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    All the major manufacturers are as good as each other really. They all have failings. It sounds like you don't know that Gemini models are made by JC Wings anyway. Same factory, same people. There isn't often a choice if you're looking for a specific airline or airliner. I always suggest you choose the best mould where possible, which is very much not manufacturer specific.

    If you are looking for Delta and AA then your only real choices in 1:400 are Gemini or Aeroclassics. In my opinion Aeroclassics typically have better moulds (though no aerials) and better construction but they are not faultless either.

    In terms of moulds I recommend you look at my four part series - part 1 is here:

    or for a particular type checkout my mould reviews:

    I also do reviews of the year for each of the 5 big players in 1:400 scale which shows what sort of thing they make and their issues in doing so:


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      I was in your boat a few years back, I was up to 50 GJ planes and wanted to branch off to a new brand. I ended up going with Phoenix, but if you are airline specific you will be limited as Phoenix doesn't do much with U.S. Airline companies. Aeroclassics offer a few choices of America/United/Delta but GJ will always give you a bigger selection.

      In the end it all depends on what you are looking for and your price point. While some brands are less expensive you will notice the strengths and weaknesses once you shop around. I'm up to 130+ planes from brands like GJ, Herpa, Phoenix, Aeroclassics. Each has their strength based on the mold. But not one person will say "buy this, over that".

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        Brand is almost irrelevant. Like Richard said a few mould makers produce for several different companies. Sometimes if you want a specific livery or even aircraft type you'll only have one choice. Dragon wings is not often well thought of because of excess plastics but they often made unusual liveries. None of the current manufacturers seem to do that. Examples might be RenoAir/AA transition MD80s and 87s, Aircal/AA transitions and of course TWA/AA transitions. Dragon also made several unique military aircraft in 1:400. Kinda wish they were still putting out so to speak.


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          I never had problems with GJ models, but I'm very sad with Hogan. Both copies of Iron Maiden's 747 came with broken landing gear and engines dettached (the seller sent me a replacement after I received the 1st one broken, but even with its hard box it had the landing gear broken on shipping, too)! Its landing gear is made with a fragile plastics (different than old Dragon Wings models, also made in plastic but with a more resistant material). Unfortunately this model wasn't released by GJ or Phoenix...
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