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When will we see a Tu-134 in 1:400?

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  • When will we see a Tu-134 in 1:400?

    From Wikipedia "A total of 854 Tu-134's were built of all versions (including test bed examples) with Aeroflot as the largest user; by 1995, the Tu-134 had carried 360 million passengers for that airline." Should that not be enough reason to get attention from both collectors and manufactures alike?

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    Aviogenex version for me please


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      Mine is a bit niche, but I would love a model of this aircraft:
      C9-CAA - Mozambique Tupolev TU-134A


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        Would love to see the TU-134A in the old Vietnam Airlines colours and also Kampuchea Airlines. A bit niche too, I realise, but holy grails for me!


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          The avant gard manufacturers have come out with 1:400 TU104, C919 as examples. Most are sold out. So why not a TU134? Caravelle VI-R (no dorsal) In United Airline livery? Bristol Freighter, any livery. More interesting versions available in 1:200 for those with thick wallets and lots of space its seems.


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            Let me add this. When will we see a B-307? The Boeing Model 307 Stratoliner was a commercial transport aircraft that entered service in 1938. It was the first to offer a pressurized cabin, allowing it to cruise at an altitude of 20,000 ft (6,000 m), well above many weather disturbances. We need more historical models like the TU134, the B307 would be nice. But no one is listening. Though I must say recent additions like the TU104, C919, ARJ21-700 offers hope.


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              I don't think anyone reads these or so it seems...


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