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Aeroclassics Price Increase?

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  • Aeroclassics Price Increase?

    Seeing that the latest release of Aeroclassics is getting a lot higher in price than even normal models.

    A 1:400 scale Spirit A319 Model for the price of a GJ Widebody?

    While the selection is there with AeroClassics, what do you make of this increase? Would you still buy Aeroclassics knowing you could buy an A330 or 777 from another brand for the same price as a narrow body?

    For me? The quality isn’t there to justify spending the premium. This would be sad if all other brands started doing this as this would discourage me from buying from that brand. Or move to 200 scale altogether.

    What do you think of this move? And would you continue collecting if the price of models suddenly shot up? Would you pay 40,50,60 dollars for an A319-A320 model? Or would you pass for a brand with a less “”premium”” price point?

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    For me it’s all about the quality. Price is definitely secondary.


    • FireAngelZero
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      Do you feel like the AC has the quality to back up these price increases? While I agree quality over price (seeing as I've spent at times 3 digits on a single 1:400 scale model) would you still spend the extra $$$ for AeroClassics? I mean don't get me wrong some of their Airbus molds are top notch.

      Yet some of the AC's I own while they are great some definitely have QC issues, which I don't mind because I didn't spend that much on it, but would you spend 40 dollars on a narrow body mold just to have it have a missing gear? Or plastic engine pylon assemblies?

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