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    Approaching shops now:

    Swiss CS100
    Baltic CS300
    S7 E170
    Brussels SJ100
    WOW A333
    Open Skies B752


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      On finals:

      Boeing 78J
      USAF C130 Nevada
      TAP A333 Retro
      OS Dash-8 n/c
      Azul A332
      EY 77W n/c
      Ukraine 772


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        Coming to a shop near you soon:

        B789 BA re-release
        B762 UA, UTair
        Tu-154 Belavia
        B752 AA
        C130 Netherlands AF
        C160 Luftwaffe 60th
        A319 AA
        A359 DL
        DC10 UA
        A35J Airbus
        A320neo SAS
        A333 Fiji
        B721 Transbrasil

        B744 UA Farewell
        B748F UPS
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        • TAPortugal
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          hi siegerflieger. where do you get released models updates? any interesting website that u recommend?

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        Green light for delivery of:

        AC A321 n/c
        SU IL-62M
        LH A346 FC Bayern 2017
        BY 752
        EK 777F "Love"
        UTair, Alrosa Tu-154
        MK A359

        Various MUC paper construction sets.


        • #65
          Only a few days later:

          LH 748 Siegerflieger 2016 Olympia, Paralympics
          UA A320
          BA E70
          Safair 738
          EW A320 Europa-Park
          PA A310


          • #66
            Shipping now:

            AA DC-10
            CV B748 45th
            SU SSJ 90th
            FI 752 80th
            AT 738 60th
            D8 738 Erik Bye

            RJ 707
            SV A333 National


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              It's about time the Cargolux B748 came out, however the store that I buy some of my models from in Europe has reported that they are coming with broken parts..seems like the craftsmanship of the new supplier or whatever is not up to par with the usual.


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                I visited my retailer today. The 748s were as good or bad as always. Especially the gears have always been problematic.

                The recess for stands is slightly too small (LH, UPS, CV).


                • #69
                  Any news on when the Soviet AN22 camo colors is set to be released?


                  • #70
                    The latest batch of deliveries:

                    B789: LY, TG
                    B748: LH
                    B763: AC Rouge


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                      Now shipping

                      A359 Malaysia, Hong Kong
                      B738 Mango, Corendo
                      B739 Delta
                      ATR72 Flybe
                      A333 Turkish


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                        Now landing:

                        Rossiya 77W
                        QF 774 Go further
                        LH CR9 25yr
                        IB MD88
                        AI A320n
                        EW A320 Holiday
                        La Compagnie 752
                        Transavia 738 Peter Pan
                        An-22 Camouflage
                        Re-releases: EK 77W, LX A333


                        • TAPortugal
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                          cant wait for the Air India 320 !!!!
                          the LX 333 seems to be very popular. how many times has it been releases ?

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                        Now coming:

                        Airbus A339
                        LH Set: 3x 748, A321 (retro)
                        AF A320, A340 (1998), A320 Joon
                        EW A332 Las Vegas
                        AZ A320
                        KL A310, 77W Asia
                        QR A35J

                        Delivered earlier this month:

                        LH B748 5Starhansa


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                        Arriving now:

                        A380 EK Zayed
                        B763 Blue Panorama, Air-Do
                        Caravelle AZ, SN
                        MD-83 PAWA
                        C17 USAF Hickam AFB “Ke Aloha”
                        B788 Scoot


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                          Now coming to a shop near you:

                          ET A359
                          EI A333
                          AB Q400 white
                          Azur B763


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