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  • 1-run herpa releases

    I thought about posting here pictures of those rare models that only had a single run of production at herpa and were dropped for different reasons. There were several of these in the transition from Old G to New G, like the Lufthansa 727-200 and 747-200, A340-200 staralliance, the JAL 777-200, LAN 767-300 oc, Alitalia 747-200, United 747-400, Thai 744, SIA 744, all in new G. None had labels stating a limited release, but ended up being just that.

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    Lufthansa 727-200 (the og version here has retrofit ng landing gear by me :-)
    the ng model shown always on the left of images.

    I remember other models that fit this 1-run category, like the United 777-2, the Continental 777-2, the Lufthansa 747-2F, British Aw 777-200, Air Canada 747-4, Air N Zealand 747-4, Alitalia MD80 and MD11, PA 747SP, KLM 747-400 and Balair 767-3 and 757-2. I think all of them are in a transitional hybrid mould. I will post the ones I have with the old generation next to it when possible
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