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Kinder Egg A330s!

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  • Kinder Egg A330s!

    I was in Tenerife (sadly passing through Reina Sofia - Sur - and not Los Rodeos - Norte, and much more pleasant) recently and picked up a box set of Kinder Eggs that seemed to have been licensed by Airbus, with A330-300 models inside.
    They were about 9 euros, so a bit more expensive than they would be otherwise, and I wasn't quite sure what to expect of them, but they're actually pretty good 'models'.
    The current set has 5 different liveries, there's Thai Airways, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, Turkish Airlines, and a fantasy Kinder livery. Apart from the Kinder A330 (obviously), they all had registrations, though, notably, the registration of the Turkish jet was a French one (F-WWYF) worn prior to delivery, and that of the Thai aircraft (HS-TAF) actually belonged to an A300, so evidently there wasn't much research in this area. I also managed to find myself a pack of A380s on ebay (I was quite pleased), but I haven't included them here.

    Scalewise, I'd say that, at 7cm, the models are in 1/1000 or perhaps 1/900, as they're slightly bigger than my 1/1000 A340s.
    Once again my photos are refusing to upload, so here's an overview:

    Does anybody know anything more about a series from Kinder or something? Thanks!

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    Was there candy inside the eggs, too? Kinder Eggs are banned in the states because of this.

    I do like the picture you posted. Nine Euros is currently $9.76, not bad for a set of five. A neat little toy/collectible.


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      There is a guy in Germany selling “a complete set of four” on ebay.


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        I believe that the sets of four were sold in 2015 before it was changed to five. They're a special edition for travellers, and do come with chocolates in the eggs, however there are lots without it on ebay if you want some.


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