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Is anyone else excited for the World Cup? Thoughts on sports..

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  • Is anyone else excited for the World Cup? Thoughts on sports..

    Okay, so I admit football (particularly college football) is my favorite sport.. I grew up playing baseball but I lost interest long ago (can't believe they still play that silly game).. The only competitive sport I still actively play is tennis.

    All that aside, I recently I went to an MLS (soccer) game and what a surprise! This is a sport that must be appreciated live... It is constant / non-stop action - very exciting. The crowd is a lot of fun - chanting and drumming and flying their flags - I haven't seen this level of enthusiasm in a sports arena for a long long time (maybe never). And it's easy to understand; there is no need for a jumbotron to tell people *when* to cheer for the offense/defense, "make noise", or be quiet.

    Anyway I am really looking forward to the World Cup which kicks off today at 1 pm PST (Brazil v Croatia). I filled out a bracket on and I got a couple of others guys here at work to do the same. I don't know anything about these teams, but I've been attempting to learn!

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    I should be excited for a couple of reasons: I am brazilian, the worldcup is here but...after what happened to the Croatia team I got sad. What the referee did !!? Neymar should have got the red card, the panalty was ilegal...then today México was robbed by the referee again...but on the other hand lets hope the referees from now on pay more attention and next sunday when I am on the stadium to watch Honduras x France everything runs well.


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      I agree about the referees, Croatia played a good game - the penalty on Fred was not a penalty. Mexico also had a couple of goals overturned by the referees..

      The last few days have been great, I really enjoyed the weekend games. I think my favorite game so far has been England v Italy. Italy looks strong.

      We are streaming the games live here at work.

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    i didn't even know the championship had started, no interest in soccer as it's even slower than tennis. i also concur w/ baseball opinion, no clue why it's still as big as it is?


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