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Planes missing the registration number

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  • Planes missing the registration number

    Hope someone can help. I have several Herpa plane models without registration numbers, yet the boxes they are in state with a registration number. They are genuine Herpa in their original purchase boxes from many years ago. When I look up the planes the only ones I can find have the numbers on and I can't find any information on planes that are missing the number. An example is Boeing 737-600 Scandinavian Airlines, no. 511704 1:500. Some of the other models have the registration number crossed out on the box. Any help appreciated.

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    Could be a defect with the batch you purchased? Maybe the registration was accidentally missed during the paint process?

    While physical defects are common paint defects are not out of the question... I feel like at times manufacturers will use the same exact plane with mold and slap on a registration for "individuality" (cough cough *EMIRATES*) so it could be that the manufacturer may have missed the registration on the batches that you received.

    Did you buy these models used? Or brand new?

    If used it could've been a collector that may have had 2 of the same plane and just got rid of the registration... I mean there's a lot of reasons it could happen.

    If anyone else has any input on this? Or any other advice?

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      Thank you for your reply. The models belonged to a relative and have recently come into my possession. He only had a small collection of planes (15), I know many were bought as gifts from a large high street model shop which closed years ago, but of course can't say for certain if they were all from there, but I think they would've been. The models are still in the original boxes with inner protection, I don't think looking at them he ever took them out of the boxes. Looking them up on the database they are all older issues which date wise tallies to when they were bought. There are only 15 planes but it seems odd that 4 are like this so it's not like a one off random paint mistake. Everything else paint wise seems fine just the numbers missing. I don't know who crossed the numbers off the boxes but can't see why my relative would do it as he wasn't an avid collector or really took much interest in them.


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        The first 1:500 from Herpa didn't have registrations and a massive gear (called "OG"). Yours is still OG (and quite a fat bird), but should already have a registration SE-DNM. But as I have seen 516xxx without reg (Lufthansa 747-400), they may exist in different versions.


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