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  • repairs

    i'm new at collecting planes and some of my planes have paint chips i'd like to know if it is better to leave them alone or can i try to cover them with paint? and what kind of paint should i use?

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    While there are paints out there that work at masking or covering up some cosmetic defects, while you can re-paint some of these planes it's hard to get them back to their "like-new" glory. Depending on the model and how bad the damage is, you can buy some modeling paint used for some models.

    But honestly and this is coming as a collector. I'd leave it alone. If the airplane is a more common model you're best bet would be to purchase the model again. I keep my models in the box 98% of the time, and only take them out for pictures or when I want to display my diorama.

    But all of this depends on how bad the damage is. If it's a few scuffs or scratches and the plane is primarily a white livery, then touching up some of the white portions with white paint won't hurt it. But a lot of times you risk causing more harm then good if you're re-painting a model and accidentally slip while painting, as it's easier to apply paint than to remove it (you can use paint thinner or acetone but that just destroys the model if you're not careful applying it).

    I hope this helps...

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      Well they are small chips but they are located in places easy to see (on top of the fuselage) i know i wont get a perfect finnish but i think a bit of paint will look better then a grey dot on white. I thought i could dry brush some enamel paint i have.

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