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    i sell on ebay and it has worked out for me. But...

    1. nascar diecast is very hard to sell. My prices are always just about the lowest, almost all the time. Yet, when i list the product, the dirty, smelly, runny, filthy idiots at ebay try to tell me people are selling a similar product at some asinine, infantile price like $2.35.

    2. sometimes, without telling the seller, ebay will unilaterally throw the “or best offer” onto a listing. I do NOT do “best offers.” ebay needs to stop altering people’s listings.

    I am doing very well on ebay, and ebay knows it. they know that i don’t need their worthless “help” in running my business.

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    What has been your experience with but customers? Sold 4 itens on ebay so far and on two listing I got problems.


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      eBay is a nightmare, and that's an understatement. I lovely the entitled POS that can't be bothered with opening up a free return yet want to leave negative feedback. Then don't even get me started on all the worthless ones that bid but don't pay.


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        Originally posted by Santos View Post
        What has been your experience with but customers? Sold 4 itens on ebay so far and on two listing I got problems.
        As waffle has stated, there are some real gemstones out there. I haven’t had any major problems, but I will post some minor things later. I have never had a problem with a waffle purchase.

        I have been selling because I pretty much have too many right now, and, if we move, I will have even less room.

        By the way, no returns doesn’t mean no refunds. If a buyer wants a refund, they will get one.


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          Police shoulder patches are allowed to be sold on ebay. Badges are not.

          Police shoulder patches were a very steady seller for me. One day I get a notice that ebay is taking down one of my listings. They think a cloth shoulder patch is a badge. Okay, so they are proving once again that they are idiots. But, they give me a 3 day suspension too.

          And you can’t argue with them. Not only are they “always” right, but the people who answer their phones are clueless.

          So, I can’t sell the patches anymore, because I can’t risk any more of their unjust, heavy handed discipline. I lost all my loyalty to them because of this.


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            Here’s a great one from this morning. A guy bought four 1/64 cars from me, two “new in box,” and two loose.

            He gives me positive feedback, but complains about the postage in the feedback.

            “It would have been too high, even if I had bought two.” It doesn’t make sense, but, I think he means eight, two lots of four.

            A seller can charge whatever they want for postage. I figured that he paid about $0.60 over my cost.

            I issued a small refund of $2.00, and we departed friends.

            He still goes on my “best buddy” list, that is, blocked buyer list.


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