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Be careful when selling on ebay!

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  • Be careful when selling on ebay!

    Be careful when selling on ebay!

    I sold an AeroClassics model few weeks ago to an user nicknamed danmarroquin (USA) and he claims he received the model broken (he just showed pictures of a model with the broken landing gear and elevator released). The problem is that he did not present photos of the damaged package (as he claims he received), saying that he had already thrown it away, and he refused to file a complaint with the USPS (I opened one at the Portuguese post office as soon as I received his message and ebay notice and I'm still waiting for response). In the same way that he claims that I sent a defective miniature, I can also believe that he received it intact and dropped it when he took it out of the blister.

    Since his word is against mine and there is no concrete evidence from either party, it would be fair for ebay to oblige me to refund 50% of the value (I even offered the buyer another Aeroclassics miniature from the same airline, but with a lower value, without any additional cost as compensation, or something similar to what he says he received broken by the half price), but ebay decided to give reason only to the buyer (even if he did not present the damaged package as proof).

    I totally lost confidence in ebay and closed all the listings I still had there (mostly postcards), and felt tremendously unfair that ebay took sides with only one of the sides, without reaching a compromise solution for both.

    Therefore, I advise them to be careful when selling on ebay and to think twice before closing deals with buyers they don't know.
    Daniel R.Carneiro
    Aviation online's chief editor -

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    An absolutely unpleasant and unacceptable case!
    And I can not find a user with the nickname Please specify the details of this buyer as I also now sell part of my collection on eBay.COM and on eBay.DE and I absolutely do not want to deal with so dishonest buyers. Thank you.


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      I've been a eBay member since 2001. Up until earlier this year (when I caught the commercial airline collecting bug) I had only purchased the occasional item on eBay (a couple of auto models and some parts for one of my 1:1 cars). This year I've purchased what must be over 100 aircraft models on eBay with maybe one or two problems that were quite minor (for example, I was told after a purchase that the seller didn't have the original box or blister for the model I purchased).

      Yes, I've only been on the "buy" side of eBay.

      One of the first eBay sellers I dealt with earlier this year indicated in his description that these models can be fragile, are not intended for children and that he would only sell to a buyer that had at least 20 positive reviews over the prior six months. I hadn't been purchasing on eBay enough at that point to accumulate 20 positive reviews but I purchased the model, a Gemini Eastern Air Lines 727, anyway. The seller stopped me in my tracks. We conversed back and forth and, after I told him I was very familiar with scale models having an 800-item model car collection, he sold me the model and we've done quite a bit of business together both on and off eBay.

      Other sellers that I've dealt with send pictures of the model just before and after packaging (showing the actual packaging) and indicate in their description that parts do fall off these models during shipment (who of us hasn't glued a wing, engine, tail fin, etc. back onto a model?), that parts falling off is not considered damage (the sellers do not produce the models), and that they have seen the buy-side scams and will not tolerate it.

      Daniel, it's a shame that eBay didn't strike a compromise between you and your buyer. On the positive side, I'd venture to say that 99-plus percent of eBay transactions go smoothly but, given the volume sold on the platform, quite a few do not go well.

      Scammers are out there, on both the buy and sell side. If possible, it's good to vet the person you're dealing with.

      Hope you are all well,


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        Originally posted by Vladislav View Post
        An absolutely unpleasant and unacceptable case!
        And I can not find a user with the nickname Please specify the details of this buyer as I also now sell part of my collection on eBay.COM and on eBay.DE and I absolutely do not want to deal with so dishonest buyers. Thank you.
        These people add and delete eBay accounts frequently to avoid getting "caught". It's easy enough to do.


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          You'd think ebay would ban users by their IP address or physical address but it seems to complicated for them to understand....
          So putting 'I am not responsible for damages incurred during shipping' won't help either?
          I wonder if filming yourself putting the model (intact) into its cradle, packaging the model would help as evidence as you didn't send it broken, but what a pain in the a$$ to do that for doing something that should be easy. SMH
          Anyways, I might do that in the future, I'm lucky as I barely sell anything.


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            Its why i'm going to sell my models on Ebid


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              Originally posted by fleetlordatvar View Post
              Its why i'm going to sell my models on Ebid
              A good alternative.
              This Ebay is already freaking out completely.

              Still not so much lots with scale plane models on eBid.


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                Hi Daniel,

                I have experienced the same with you with EvillBay.. Twice. In this year.

                Twice I sold rare models worth over $100 each.. Twice I got scammed by two buyers with same Modus Operandi.
                One in USA address, one in Netherlands address.

                I have asked them before I sent the package, to do "unboxing package" video when the package arrived, and yet they both ignored to do that.
                Even EvilBay case officer stands with them, with their ridiculous "Buyer Protection" clause.
                Those buyer dont want to do or discuss anything, they just want refund 100%. Period.
                and.. EvilBay grant their demands! Even though I as the seller who already loss money for international shipping cost have provided the packaging process video and pictures!

                I lose the item, I lose money, and those scammer buyer wins all. Its all because very good support from EvilBay.

                Those scammer buyer objective is get a free-cost for high valuable items, and they found a loophole in EvilBay system.
                When the package arrived, they will "dismantling" the model. Then they will send "damaged" model picture for a complaint.

                They will file a complaint for "Item not as described" clause, and use it against the seller description words in selling page as a good intact model.
                They will not file for "Items damaged in transit" clause or "Items received damage" clause, because they will have to provide the package condition picture when they received it.

                I lost trust as a seller in EvilBay.


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                  Does Ebid offer better seller protection?


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                    if you want to avoid new ebay user you can say in the decreption that you ask peole with less than X feedbacks to bid on this item


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                      unfortunately Ebay and Paypal (so even with private sale) are almost always on buyer side, so you find dishonest person you can't do much


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