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    Hey everyone,

    I'm looking around and shopping for a 1:200 Scale Airport Mat. It doesn't seem like there's a huge demand online as I have found many Airport Mats for 1:400 scales but a small selection for 200 scales. Has anyone had better luck on this? I know that you can use the GJ Airport Mat for both scales, but my GJ Airport mat is permanently set for 400 scale models, plus I'd like something with a little more availability (like having 6-7 Wide-Bodies on this mat).

    Any advice would go a long way to help a fellow collector.


    Cloud Services Admin/Collector since 2006

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    I have a 1/200 airport (16 narrow & 11 wide gates + runway) and after looking around for half a year, the only way to make a cool custom/large airports is just to buy print-outs online. If you put it time and effort the ground can look better than mats. It also has the benefit of being way cheaper. I also built a custom terminal with printouts.


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