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    Hello All, I am new on this forum..However, I have been DAC forum (username : vnangli) for quite sometime...I have focussed my collection only around Herpa Premiums. Due to a personal commitment, I am having to liquidate my collection as a lot. Mentioned below are the details. I am asking $1200 for the lot and with additional shipping charges. If you live anywhere around Chicago or Detroit area, I will offer to hand deliver these. But want the buyer to be able to see them to address any concerns. I will not be able to ship these outside USA as the tracking becomes challenging and I do not have time to invest in following up from the day of sale or shipping. Outside US collectors, please excuse me.

    My collection for sale :
    1) Lufthansa - 747 Baden Wurttemburg (yellowed, have carved out the top foam to protect the tail fin)
    2) Lufthansa - 747 Hanover version (No certificate available)
    3) Emirates - A300
    4) Lufthansa - 737 Reutlingen
    5) Lufthansa -727 Bremerhaven
    6) Lufthansa - A300 Kronberg (No display case available, comes with Herpa premium box meant for "SOME OTHER A300")
    7) Lufthansa - A300 Stade (With all Display, mint factory packaging)
    8) Herpa Premium - ANZ 747

    Feel free to contact me with any questions. Also, please excuse me for not being able to sell any one model individually. If I sell, it will be the whole lot.


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    Does it have to be lot, or can individual models be sold? Inquiring mostly on the two Lufthansa 747s.

    (P.S. im the one you spoke to on Youtube)

    Cloud Services Admin/Collector since 2006


    • vnangli
      vnangli commented
      Editing a comment
      Thank you for your interest.
      I am sorry I want to sell them as a lot..I presume, you are looking for the Hannover, ANZ 747 and the Yellowed Lufthansa 747. Right?


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    Hello,is the ANZ 747 sold or still available? I am really interested in it.


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