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  • For Sale Mixed items various scales

    After a break away from selling I am now attempting to sell the remainder of my collection including these various scales.
    If additional info or photos are required please PM me to save cluttering the message threads.
    Models located in the UK and hence priced in GBP British pounds, priced do NOT include shipping charges I will ship worldwide..

    Aer Lingus C-47A-DK Corgi 1/144 47103* "1950s" Colors. Named "St. Columban"* 15:00 GBP
    Air Atlantique DC-3 Corgi 1/144 47107* "1990s" Colors.* 15:00 GBP
    Air France DC-3 Corgi 1/144 47110* None* 15:00 GBP
    American Airlines DST-144 (DC-3) Corgi 1/144 47102* "1930s" Colors. Named "Flagship of Texas"* 15:00 GBP
    BEA C-47A-DL Corgi 1/144 47104* "1950s" Colors. Named "Richard Howard-Flanders".* 15:00 GBP
    BEA Viscount 701 Corgi 1/144 47601* "1950s" Colors, as preserved at IWM Duxford. Named "RMA Sir John Franklin".* 15:00 GBP
    Braniff International L-049-46-25 Constellation Corgi 1/144 47505* "El Dorado" Colors.* :20:00 GBP
    British Eagle Viscount 700 Corgi 1/144 47605* None* 15:00 GBP
    Continental Airlines DC-3 Corgi 1/144 AA30001* None* 15:00 GBP
    Eastern Airlines DC-3 Corgi 1/144 47105* "Ship 344", "1940s" Colors. "Fly Eastern" Titles.* 15:00 GBP
    KLM Royal Dutch Airlines C-47A-DK Corgi 1/144 47108* "1950s" Colors. * 15:00 GBP
    KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Viscount 803 Corgi 1/144 AA30506* "1960s" Colors. GSE = Passenger Stairs.* 15:00 GBP
    Lufthansa DC-3 Corgi 1/144 47109* "1960s" Colors.* 15:00 GBP
    Lufthansa Viscount 800 Corgi 1/144 47604* None* 15:00 GBP
    Parcelforce Viscount 808C Corgi 1/144 47602* "1990s" Colors.* 15:00 GBP
    Austrian Airlines Ju 52/3m Herpa 1/160 019019* "1950s" Colors.* 28:00 GBP
    Lufthansa Ju 52/3m Herpa 1/160 019040* "1940s" Colors. Named "Berlin-Tempelhof". Historic Registration: D-AQUI. Regular Release of ID:939, with 3 bladed props.* 30:00 GBP
    Lufthansa Ju 52/3m Schabak 1/300 1027/1* "1940s" Colors.* 8:00 GBP
    Northwest Airlines B 747-451 StarJets 1/300 JJNWA001* "2000s" Colors. With 'KLM / Northwest' Logo. First StarJets 1:300 Model.* 20:00 GBP
    Eastern Airlines C-47A-DL Gemini Jets 1/250 AJEAL020* 1940s Colors. "Fly Eastern" Titles. With Polished Fuselage. * 24:00 GBP
    Qantas Airways C-47A-DK Gemini Jets 1/250 AJQFA032* 1950s Colors. With Polished Fuselage. With Rolling Gears.* 24:00 GBP
    United Airlines DC-3A-191 Gemini Jets 1/250 AJUAL021* 1940s Colors. With Polished Fuselage.* 24:00 GBP​

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