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    Hi guys!

    as my eBay link doesn’t seem to work I’m hereby listing what I’ve got. The models are in Austria (nearby Salzburg) and I have no clue how much shipping is outside of Austria. Within it’s around 6,- Euros

    Ill give you my price ideas with the models but I’m happy to accept negotiations. Reason I’m giving up my entire collection is simply because I’ve lost my passion for it.

    Here we go
    1. Herpa Wings 1/200 Thai Airways DC-10-30. 104,-
    2. Gemini 1/200 British Airways L1011-500 G2BAW036 550,-
    3. Herpa Wings 1/200 Iran Air Boeing 747-200 70,-
    4. Corgi Classic Jetliners 1/144 Boeing 707-331B TWA Limited Edition with certificate 110,-
    5. Corgi Classic Jetliners 1/144 Boeing 707-331B Braniff (Blue) Limited Edition with certificate 110,-
    6. Corgi 100 Years of Flight 1/144 Boeing 707 Dan-Air London 85,-
    7. Dragon Wings Premiere Collection 1/400 Air New Zealand Boeing 767-300ER & 767-200ER in the old livery. Both together 105,-
    8. Gemini Jets 1/400 Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747-400 “Birthday Girl”. Comes in a Metall box mit certificate for limited edition 80,-
    9. Dragon Wings Premiere Collection 1/400 Emirates A340-500 “Dubai Shopping Festival 2005” 40,-
    10. Dragon Wings Premiere Collection 1/400 Air Canada Boeing 767-200 “Silver Bullet” 60,-
    11. Potato Wings 1/500 Malaysian Boeing 777-200ER “Freedom of space” 50,-
    12. Dragon Wings Premiere Collection 1/400 PIA Boeing 747-200 “Colours of the Desert” 60,-
    13. Gemini Jets 1/400 Jet Airways India Boeing 777-300ER VT-JEA 50,-
    14. Jet-X 1/400 Biman Bangladesh Boeing 747-200 Hybrid Northwest Colours. On one of the flap motor housings, there’s a mm2 of paint missing. For someone with a brush and the correct colour, that’s a 2 second repair. Yet it’s still a Modell you won’t be able to find anywhere in the world anymore. 100,-
    15. Herpa Wings 1/400 TWA Boeing 727. One of the few with the correct red colours. Most models turned out to be orange ish. This one has the correct red and correct proportions 45,-
    16. Herpa Wings 1/500 Northwest Cargo Boeing 747-200 “3-Speed-Service”. Model is mint. Packaging intact but not pretty 15,-
    17. AeroClassic 1/400 KrasAir Tupolev TU-154M 40,-
    18. Herpa Wings 1/1000 in Herpa Wings colours Antonov 124. Was never available on the market. Purely given out to retailers. 40,-
    19. SMA-Models 1/400 Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-200. N740AS. Was Limited to 600 pieces. 90,-
    20. Herpa Wings 1/400 FlyNiki A320 & 1/500 Embraer 190. The Embraer is unfortunately missing the right elevator. Don’t ask my why. The Embraer is actually a super rare limited edition, but since it’s missing the elevator I’m just giving it away with the Airbus. 40,-
    21. Herpa Wings 1/500 TWA Boeing 757-200 15,-
    22. Herpa Wings 1/500 LAB Bolivia Airbus A310 15,-
    23. SkyMarks 1/200 KLM MD-11 SKR073 50,-
    24. SkyMarks 1/200 Qantas Boeing 747-300 “Nalanji Dreaming”, with gear 60,-
    25. Airplast Milano 1/100 Austrian Airlines Airbus A310. OE-LAD. Old travel agency model. Colours became a bit orange ish due to exposure to the sun. But no cracks or missing parts 90,-
    I also have trillions of 1/200 plastic models (those click together models they sold in the onboard shop). Some in the original packaging, some unfortunately without. Unique ones like KLM Alps Do328, or AeroLLoyd MD83 in Trigema colours. All sorts of LTU, Lauda Air, Austrian Airlines etc etc etc etc

    If someone wants to drive to Austria, for 1500,- I pack you EVERY model I own. Up in your car and off you go

    I did. an extensive research about the prices online and I believe I am quite competitive with all of them, given the fact that 99% are probably the last of their kind. Happy to hear from you.

    If you want pictures, drop me your phone number or email and I WhatsApp them to you.



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